Vector Home Security is a company that provides security equipment and monitoring. They have been in business for about 40 years, and during this time Vector has racked up an enormous amount of customer complaints. The complaints filed against Vector Home Security cover various topics such as poor customer service, deceitful sales tactics, equipment quality, high prices, and inconsistent dealers.

Inconsistent Dealers

Vector Home Security relies on various dealers to provide and install their equipment. This makes it difficult to determine the actual quality of their services. Information from consumers indicate that many people are let down by Vector’s customer service. The employees do not seem as knowledgeable as one might hope. Other items are difficult to determine as well. For example, pricing, warranty, and installation prices vary from location to location. Vector Home Security is not transparent about any of this information, not even on their website. The lack of transparency provided by this company raises red flags.

Faulty Equipment

The most prevalent topic in customer complaints, and perhaps the most alarming have to do with faulty equipment. The equipment Vector provides is manufactured by Radionics.  Many consumer complaints say that Vector Security refused to cancel the contract if the equipment wasn’t working properly despite the fact that the signed contract said that it could be cancelled due to equipment issues. Vector Security does not seem to back this up.

Customer Service

Vector Security consistently has problems with customer service. These problems stem from personal accounts and not from the business or national accounts. The company is far more concerned with major accounts than with the individual customer. Vector Home Security continually receives customer complaints through the BBB. The majority of these complaints pertain to equipment problems, but there are also several complaints about excessive billing. In one such case, a former client claims to have been overcharged by several thousand dollars. This case is still pending resolution.


Vector does not offer any kind of DIY installation for their services. Because of this, installation will cost you a minimum of $100. Additionally, their monitoring starts at $25, which is slightly higher than what we offer at Protect America. However, you won’t be guaranteed a warranty at Vector Home Security. At Protect America, you will receive a lifetime warranty on all equipment. Installation is free, DIY and guided with a technician over the phone. We do this to make things easy, affordable, and convenient for your schedule and wallet. Protect America will also professionally monitor your home for as low as $19.99.


A consumer review stated:

Most unethical company I have dealt with. I should have read the reviews. I had problems within days of installation. After a year of trying to resolve issues, I told it is not going to work; and I have to continue to pay a monthly fee for four more years or find someone to take over the system.

With such a poor track record, you should look elsewhere for your home security needs. Protect America offers quality equipment at an affordable price. When deciding on home security, it is important to make sure the alarm system fits your home. Therefore you get a home security that truly gives you peace of mind while saving you money.