Choosing to implement a home security system for your home is one of the best ways to protect your family and personal belongings.

According to the FBI, more than 2 million burglaries are committed each year in the US alone, resulting in billions of dollars in property damages and losses.

Vector Home Security provides updated high-tech home security solutions that are ideal to ensure the safety and security of your home at all times. Before choosing a home security solution that is right for your family, it is important to weigh your options while taking the time to read reviews and terms of service.

Vector Home Security

Vector Home Security is a home security company that offers both regional and national solutions to residential and commercial customers. The company provides customers with the option of either cellular or landline-based solutions, which is ideal for all homeowners regardless of their location and the type of property they plan to protect.

The Good


One of the advantages of Vector Home Security is the ability to utilize the company whether you want to protect your family home or your place of business. Additionally, some of the more notable advantages of Vector Home Security include:

  • No upfront costs to get started with Vector Home Security, helping customers with any budget get started with protecting their home better.
  • Honest and mostly positive customer reviews with regards to the customer service that Vector Home Security provides.
  • CloudControl video recording is available with Vector Home Security, allowing customers to take advantage of the latest technology available today.
  • Home automation options are available to easily implement with Vector Home Security solutions
  • Gain peace of mind with false alarm protection, optimal if you have children or if you are wary of paying a hefty fee for accidentally setting off your home’s alarm system for any reason.

Disadvantages of Vector Home Security

While Vector Home Security is well-known in the industry of security and protection, there are a few disadvantages to keep in mind before moving forward with a plan for you and your family. Some of the drawbacks of Vector Home Security include:

  • Monthly fees are nearly double some of the top home security companies on the market.
  • Limited available for consumers, making it difficult to get service in all areas throughout the US.
  • Cancellation policies require additional fees and can quickly add up depending on how much time consumers have left in their original contractual agreement with Vector Home Security.
  • Online reviews are not always positive. Many consumers of Vector Home Security complain of poor customer service, which is trouble for those who are searching for a provider that is reliable and trustworthy long-term.


While Vector Home Security does provide benefits and the ability to implement video recording and home automation options, it is essential to compare availability as well as costs before making a decision and investment for you and your family. When you want a home security company you can trust, choose Protect America.

Protect America is America’s 14th leading provider in home security, servicing thousands of customers annually. With Protect America, choose and create your own plan with a variety of equipment without any installation fees ever. Protect America also implements a “price match” guarantee policy, allowing you to get the best deal on the market regardless of the type of home security solution you are interested in.

Are you ready to get started with your home security system and want to learn more about available plans and equipment? Get in touch with Protect America to learn more about current solutions and to get a free quote that is tailored just for you today.