Feeling protected at all times and having peace of mind in your own home is essential when you truly want to feel safe in your surroundings. When you want to protect your property while keeping your family and loved ones safe, consider installing a managed monitored home security system.

Burglars are 300% more likely to target a home if it appears it does not have a home security system installed and in place.

Verizon’s Canary Features and Benefits

Verizon’s Canary is an all-in-one home security solution that provides easy installation and the ability to begin monitoring and protecting your own home in less time. Some of Verizon Canary’s features and benefits include:

  • One device to help monitor your entire home, regardless of its size and layout
  • Uses “smart technology” to adapt to your home and personal preferences over a period of time
  • Receive HD video alerts to your computer or smartphone depending on your configuration preferences
  • No contractual agreements are required in order to get started with adding security to your home
  • No monthly fees or down payments are necessary for service
  • Verizon’s Canary is currently compatible with both Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa

Cons of Using Verizon’s Canary Security Solution

While Verizon’s Canary is optimal for individuals who are seeking minimal support and an easy “all in one” home security system, it also has a few drawbacks including:

  • Lack of 24/7 monitoring. Without 24/7 monitoring, you may miss an important alert or update if you are out of town or simply not inside of your home when an alarm has been triggered
  • No immediate alerts or reports are sent to local police or fire departments, leaving you responsible to report break-ins and other crimes that occur on your property
  • Lack of flexibility and customization, which is extremely important to those who have specific security desires for various areas of the home
  • Inability to purchase individual security cameras, sensors, and motion detectors for a complete home security system

24/7 Monitoring Security Companies

Unfortunately, Verizon does not offer 24/7 monitoring solutions for those who are seeking to maximize their security and safety with a home security investment. Verizon’s Canary home security solution provides a low-cost option when getting started with your own home security system, but lacks in monitoring and total 24/7 protection. Always compare all of your home security choices before settling on a decision that is optimal for your household.

When using Verizon, you are responsible for checking alerts and reporting crimes to appropriate local emergency responders, such as your local police or fire department. If you prefer to have a 24/7 monitoring service available with your home security system, consider Protect America as your sole home security provider.


Protect America, established in 1992, offers both DIY and professional installation options along with state-of-the-art technology and 24/7 monitoring. Skip traditional equipment and installation fees with Protect America, providing flexible solutions and personalized systems to fit your household’s needs and security requirements. Customize your home’s security system with individual purchases or entire packages that are best-suited for your home and family’s needs.

With Protect America, gain peace of mind whether you spend most of your time at home or traveling for pleasure or work-related matters. Enjoy a low-cost monitoring service while also taking advantages of today’s best security equipment and technology.

Looking for a home security provider that is trustworthy and a leading provider in the US? Get in touch with Protect America today for more information regarding our current plans, offers, and equipment we have available to build a solid solution for you and your family.