Overview: Verizon Home Security Systems

Verizon Home Security Systems are a step above the Do It Yourself options that are available, as the systems do have some benefits. There are different levels to their systems, from self-installed and self-monitored, to professionally installed and monitored by Verizon. In reality, these systems do not technically fall under the home security system umbrella, but are instead, home monitoring systems. What is the difference between a home security system and a home monitoring system, you might wonder? Great question!


Very quickly, a home monitoring system is installed by the customer and utilizes their smart devices for monitoring, which will receive a “ping” if there is an incident at your home. A monitored home security system will actually notify the local authorities if there is an incident at your home.  This distinction is an important one, as there is probably not a lot that you can do yourself, especially if you are at work or away from your house, if your home is being broken into or a fire breaks out in your kitchen.

We do not find monitoring systems to be particularly helpful, except in cases when there is never an emergency, as they are a handy way to keep an eye on your home.

If you are truly serious about your home security, it is wise to go with a 24/7 professionally monitored home security system.

Don’t Get a Home Security System if it Doesn’t Have These Features:

  • No installation fees, locked-in rates, and a price-match guarantee – choose a company that stands behind its service and believes in its product. If you are getting a strong sales push with a lot of added on charges and fees, walk away!
  • Check to see if they’ve been awarded any recognition from well-respected firms like Consumers Digest – Protect America is consistently recognized by organizations like BestCompany, consumersadvocate, and Shopper Approved, in addition to Consumers Digest.
  • While price should never be the only factor in your consideration, a base-level and effective home security solution should only cost you around $30/month.
  • Always look for a company that offers the equipment as part of the overall security package. Protect America can provide to $1,400 in free equipment when you enroll.
  • Look for a Locked-In-Rate that won’t change over the life of your contract. No one wants to be surprised with a hefty hike in their monthly bills!
  • Don’t pay an installation fee! Again, it is best to avoid companies that quote you a super-low price only to start adding on fees and additional charges to your invoice. There is no reason to pay installation and equipment charges. Ever!
  • Reputable companies like Protect America will provide price guarantee’s. When you work with these firms you never have to experience worry about finding a better deal because they’ll match it!


Is the Verizon Home Security System Worth It?

Verizon is a very reputable company that provides a lot of great services to their customers. However, if you are looking for a full-service monitored home security system, we don’t think their service quite cuts it. Their monitoring consists of alerting your smart device if the security system is triggered, while this is helpful if you are concerned about your kids sneaking out at night, or Fido getting stuck in his doggie door, it’s not going to provide you with a lot of help if your kitchen goes up in flames!

We recommend a fully monitored system such as Protect America that will provide valuable services in the event of an emergency.

Interested in finding out more about how monitored home security can help protect your family? Get a free quote from Protect America today! Click here to access our easy-to-use customer portal, or call (800) 659-0700.