Viper Home Security is a wireless self-monitored system brought to you by Best Buy. It’s a hub that connects a series of devices to one platform, giving you the ability to control your security system from your smart phone. The kinks it currently has make it a challenge for an everyday consumer and it has plenty of competition from other systems that don’t have these particular hurdles.


Pricing: If it was a snake, it would have bit you

Don’t let the additional costs catch you by surprise. The Starter kit of the Viper alarm system costs $230. This might seem like a reasonable price for a security system. Don’t be fooled. The starter kit is hardly a start. It includes:

  • 1 motion detector
  • 1 door/window sensor
  • 1 smart hub

Wait, that’s it? An alarm won’t even sound with the Starter Kit alone. You must purchase an Indoor Siren for an additional $50 if you want an alarm element. Do you want to be able to video surveillance your home? Well, that will be another $150. Do you have more than one door or one window in your house? Each additional door/window sensor is an extra $25. Plus, in order to use the features of Viper, you need to purchase the premium plan for an additional $10 a month…and it doesn’t even include professional monitoring. While the customization aspect is appealing, this company will rattle your wallet right out of your pocket. You can customize your home security system for a lot less with Protect America, where you will also receive a lifetime warranty, 24-hour professional monitoring, and free equipment.

Security for the Masses

Deciding which security company to protect your home is a process that involves research and comparison. At the end of your search, you want to have a security system that you will be able to trust. Would you expect the best quality sports equipment from K-mart? Or would you expect something better from a specialty sporting goods retailer? The same notion applies with home security. Why should you choose a system from a company that doesn’t even specialize in home security? Protect America specializes in affordable and simple home security options. Check out one of Protect America’s customizable packages today!


Let’s Hear it From the Customers

There are an overwhelming amount of negative reviews for Viper Home Security as well as their pairing vehicle alarm systems. The majority of unhappy customers reported that the devices they purchased did not work properly. This is a serious issue when securing your home. This recent review stated:

Bought this 3 days ago at a local Best Buy and they installed it. Total after activating system $586.00 not a problem at all because I was so excited about this awesome piece of technology. The installer and I tested the unit before I left and it worked as advertised and I felt happy I purchased it. Happiness quickly turned to frustration when the next morning it was 30 degrees at 5AM when I get up for work and tried to start my SUV – and after 15 attempts nothing. Later that day I tried again and it worked. Confused but optimistic I tried again the next morning and again it did not work. Sorry to say this is a waste of money.

Another reviewer unhappily wrote:

This system is extremely cheap, is not reliable and just stops working randomly. I’ve had it for about a month now and I regret every cent I spent on this. Also, absolutely no customer service. Stay away from this company, they’ll go under if they continue like this.

Consider using a professionally monitored security system to safeguard your home and family, such as Protect America. Viper is an unmonitored security device, meaning if there is a break-in, you’re on your own to call for help. Unmonitored systems are considered a major vulnerability. With professionally monitored home security systems, you’re providing yourself with a higher level of security. While the Viper alarm system offers motion detection and spot protection, it will not stop a burglar from entering your home.

With Protect America home security, help will be dispatched at the exact moment of intrusion. Wouldn’t you prefer your security system preventing a burglary rather than interrupting one? Protect America will keep your home and family as safe as possible at all times – especially in the event of an emergency!