Vision Security is a home security dealer or alarm reseller that carries products from various alarm monitoring companies such as Security Networks, GE, Honeywell and They have been in business for about 8 years and are based out of Orem, Utah. While their prices are higher than average, they do offer a range of WiFi solutions for home protection at a variety of monthly charges. Their packages cater to a number of home security aspects, but their contracts are longer than most home security companies. Vision Security uses pushy in-home sales tactics that have been under a lot of speculation in the past year. They also currently have an F-rating on the BBB, making them a tough choice to trust with the security of your home and family. When you choose a home security company, make sure it’s one you can rely on – after all, you’re placing your most valued items in its care.


Shady Sales Tactics & Possible Scams

Vision Security has been known to practice shady sales tactics, which include door-to-door and in-home selling techniques. They heavily rely on door-to-door salespeople to acquire new accounts. In late 2012, a Virginia police report was filed against one of their sales employees. The report claimed that the employee was being very aggressive and refused to leave the property when asked. The Virginia Beach City Attorney’s Office has noted Vision Security’s sales tactics and advised residents to call the police incase any security company trespasses private property.

According to this review, other people have had similar experiences with Vision Security’s sales team giving out false information:

A representative by the name of Zach (VISION SECURITY) came to my house and lied to me about my alarm system went out of business and they were assuming my security needs. It was all flat out lies.

In fact, Vision Security’s sales team has been under so much investigation lately that another security company (ADT) filed two separate lawsuits against them for stealing customers by posing as ADT employees. These fake employees get people to sign up with Vision while the customer believes they are upgrading their current security system with another company like ADT – only to realize they are being double-billed by two companies as a result of the scam. Vision eventually agreed to pay ADT 2 million dollars in restitution.


Pricy Packages & Lengthy Contracts

If their sales tactics alone aren’t enough to warn you of this company, their home security packages are prices much higher than the industry’s average. Vision Security offers four different packages that span from $52.99 – $64.99. This price does not include activation, equipment, or installation. Additional up-front fees are estimated at around $100. However, it is difficult to tell how much a security system would cost you out-of-pocket from Vision because of the need to add additional items that are not included in the initial package purchase. A basic monitoring service without anything else is still $39.99 – which is double the price of monitoring at Protect America.

Additionally, Vision Security locks you into a contract for up to 5 years! That’s 24 months longer than a contract at Protect America. 5 years is an incredibly long length of time for a security contract. Most companies have you complete 36-months initially and then you can opt for a renewal or go month-to-month.

At Protect America, you can get monitoring for as low as $19.99 a month, and equipment is free! Our home security packages provide the equipment necessary to protect your entire home for a fraction of the cost of our competitors’ monthly fees. We’ve spent the past 20 years developing an award-winning reputation. Additionally, installation is free and all products come with a lifetime warranty. If you’re looking for reliable and affordable security, Protect America is a great solution!