Vitamin D is a convenient little super hero that can turn one or more webcams into a total video surveillance system. It uses cameras that you can connect right to your computer using USB as well as web cameras that are connected to the network. It’s important to mention that this system works on stationery computers. No camera phones, handheld camcorders are supported by Vitamin D. But the cool thing is that once it is connected to the camera it begins recording the comings and goings around your home. Vitamin D Home Security is a strong hit with many users because it’s inexpensive, convenient and easy to install. 

1. Constant Surveillance Video:

Vitamin D uses motion recognition to record video of something that is moving in the scene, not static scenes. Upon playback, the moving objects are surrounded by a colorful frame making it easy for the user to notice the movement…a cat, a dog, a friend, a foe. And, in case your home is near a street where people and cars are constantly moving, Vitamin D allows you to filter areas of motion and create "rules" so you don’t have to video everything. You can also be notified by email or a special alerts.

2. PC Friendly:

Vitamin D gets personal. It’s pc friendly (not mobile friendly) and doesn’t slow down computer speed like many video applications. It does use some storage space, though, so a low resolution should be used. But realistically it depends on how much motion is detected and how many videos are recorded. Keep in mind the free Starter Kit only records at a low 320 x 240 resolution.

3. Network Camera Supported:

Vitamin D uses network cameras or IP cameras that transmit video over a computer so no inconvenient or unsightly cables are needed. Some cameras are wireless and work in Wi-Fi which is very convenient for the regular property owner. These network cameras can be found online or at retail for less than $100, but remember you usually get what you pay for. Refer to the Vitamin D website for a list of cameras.

4. Residential

Small Business Friendly: Vitamin D Home security is a worthy system for both residential and small businesses. Their affordable starter package and upgrades offer features that a do it your self security manager would find helpful. Some reviewers report "Vitamin D packs plenty of functionality, and should be more than enough for most users who are looking to improve their security system by making use of hardware they already have".


5. Unmonitored Service:

Professional home security monitoring is the best, most secure solution for keeping your home and family safe. Vitamin D Home security system allows you to video movement on your property whether you are home or not and this real time surveillance is advantageous for many home owners. But may take hours of tedious time reviewing the video footage to see what was happening while you were away. Those who are  away from their home frequently, should consult a professional security service to help them customize a fully monitored system. Contact ProtectAmerica for a free quote and to find out about the most affordable equipment offering 24/7 peace of mind service.