Home security is one of the fastest growing industries throughout the United States. With more than 7.9 million property crimes reported in 2016, it is more clear than ever why homeowners across America want an additional layer of protection and security for their homes and loved ones.

Committing to a home security company often requires anywhere from three to five years when signing on as a new customer. While not all home security companies require customers to sign lengthy contracts, it is important to consider the amount of time you need to commit to a security provider before making a decision for you and your family. Vivint home security is a leading security and monitoring provider that services more than one million customers throughout North America. Before becoming a new customer of Vivint home security, there are a few things to know regarding the customer service they provide as well as terms and conditions that must be met by customers at all times.

Vivint Features and Security Equipment

Vivint has a wide range of security and monitoring equipment, ideal for both small and large homes or properties. Some of Vivint’s most popular home security products and features include:

  • Traditional security cameras and CCTV equipment
  • Key FOBs for multiple access points
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Window/door sensors
  • Flood/freezing sensors
  • Doorbell cameras
  • Glass-break sensors
  • Motion detectors (indoor and outdoor)
  • Home automation: Home automation allows customers to access their home security system and cameras from any location using a computer or smartphone. Monitor live video feeds, capture and store video along with audio while also receiving immediate alerts, text messages, and phone calls anytime your home alarm has been breached or triggered. With home automation features, control your thermostat, lighting, and even various appliances in your home even if you are across the country.

Extended Contracts

Vivint is one of the only major home security companies that requires all customers to sign a lengthy 60-month contract or 5 years. While standard contracts in the home security industry are often 36 months in total (3 years), Vivint requires customers to commit much more time to the company and the service you select. If you choose to cancel your security service with Vivint at any time during an active contract with the company, you may be required to pay a one-time cancellation fee. In some cases, customers of Vivint may also be held responsible for any balance that is still owed for the remaining time of the contract you signed when becoming a new customer. Before signing a contract with any home security provider it is imperative to thoroughly read any contract you are presented with to avoid potential cancellation fees and unexpected costs in the future.  Not all home security companies require customers to sign lengthy contracts with long-term commitments, which is why it is highly advisable to conduct adequate research on all of your security options before settling a decision that is truly right for you.

Pricing and Fees

While Vivint has home security packages that begin at $39.99, customers report that bills are often much higher with additional service and equipment fees. Creating a customized home security package is also costly with Vivint home security, making it more expensive than alternative home security providers on the market.

Poor Customer Service

Unfortunately, Vivint ranks within the lowest 10% of home security companies in terms of the customer service they provide.

  • Lacking Support: Customers have reported that Vivint does not offer helpful or consistent support and customer service.  Phone support and technician assistance are severely lacking according to both previous and current customers.
  • Lack of Transparency: A major complaint that has been lodged against Vivint home security is the company’s lack of transparency regarding their current business model and customer service. Complaints against Vivint include a lack of communication with customer support, technical support, and billing issues, leading to frustration and customers leaving the service altogether.

Are you in search of an affordable, reputable, and reliable home security company who keeps your best interests in mind at all times? Get in touch with Protect America today for more information regarding our top of the line security equipment and to create a home security system and package that is optimal for you and your household.