Until early 2011, Vivint was known as APX Alarm Security Solutions. They provide home automation, security, and energy conservation services to residential patrons. While they claim to have an emphasis on high quality design and comprehensive customer support, their actions prove otherwise. Vivint’s deceptive sales practices have resulted in over 3,000 complaints to the Better Business Bureau, resulting in investigations by at least 15 different states.


Vivint has gone to extreme lengths to change their negative reputation due to their disingenuous actions, including renaming themselves from APX Alarm Security Solutions to their current brand; Vivint. Since rebranding, many customers’ issues have been remedied. However, the company has still racked up an alarming number of complaints. This year alone, Vivint faces a federal lawsuit that has now been filed as class action for allegations regarding violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). While Vivint denies these claims, they have agreed to a $6 million settlement to avoid the expense of going to trial.

Displeased customers and deceitful claims

While Vivint’s public statements regarding the legal issues might seem transparent and sincere, it is evident that their practices are still deceitful. A review from August 14, 2014 where a customer reported Vivint confusing her with another client stated,

Repeated phone calls and emails to so-called ‘customer service/loyalty’ yield zero results. Like a broken record, I call or email them, tell them the situation, ask them to fix it, and nothing happens.

Vivint has a poor Internet reputation and the unsatisfactory customer reviews are endless. Another recent client wrote the following review:

The fact that this company does not know when their alarms are triggered, is completely unresponsive when there is an issue with one of their systems, and refuses to remove a system that I don’t want and haven’t paid for is unacceptable. Avoid them like the plague!

Watch the video below to see what Vivint didn’t do when a customer’s house burnt down.

Vivint Solar: The best way to charge your home is with a credit card.

Vivint has expanded their services to solar energy panels. They claim to save you money and time with smart energy solutions. Vivint has also placed a huge emphasis on home automation, as well as renewable energy. However, the most important aspect of a security system is the actual security itself. Vivint offers discounts and free items left and right, however customers eventually discover the hidden costs involved. Another customer review stated,

We waited out the five years of our contract and then sent a cancellation letter to Vivint. They continued to charge our credit card every month.


Faulty equipment and no-show technicians

Vivint requires professional installation for their services, which can take up hours of your precious time. There has been a number of reported instances where the installation crews have been unsuccessful in setting up the system or not shown up for the initial appointment. Additionally, many clients have been unable to receive their refund after cancellation. Renters and people who prefer to “DIY” should not use Vivint’s services.

In addition to legal disputes, Vivint’s offerings are not as customizable as they claim. While most security systems offer monitoring via landline, Internet and cell service, Vivint offers only the pricier cellular monitoring option. Do not sign up with Vivint if you want affordable, functional, and quality security for your home. Their door-to-door sales tactics push people into high pressured sales.

Vivint’s home automation system is one of the highest priced packages in the industry. They have higher than average rates for even their base package, which starts at $54 plus a minimum $99 activation fee. They also require a longer than average contract period. Do you really want to be locked into a 48 or 60-month contract, which is over a year longer than other offers on the market? Affordability and honesty are not Vivint’s objectives.