Vivint Home Security is considered as the luxury-style security system. However, there are PROS and CONS to everything. Vivint is no exception to the rule.


  • Compatible with home smart devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.
  • A generous equipment package.
  • Enhanced in-home automation.
  • Inventive advanced technology.
  • User-friendly smartphone APP for controlling the system.
  • Professional installation.
  • No pre-defined pricing plans.


  • A five-year contract.
  • Most expensive of all security systems available.
  • Door to door selling.


Vivint: The Bad Stuff

It’s not all sunshine and roses when you get home security with Vivint. In fact, they have one of the most expensive basic monitoring costs in the industry. Their basic monitoring monthly fee is going to cost you $39.99 per month. Protect America for example, will only charge you $19,99 a month for their basic package and that’s including all of the free equipment you get. There are also a lot of reports of very poor customer service at Vivint, which doesn’t bode well considering they are the ones that are supposed to be keeping you safe.

Breakdown of the Details

With the pros and cons outlined, it’s time to break down what it all means and the importance of having a monitored home security rather than non-monitored security technology.

Vivint Home Security has a seamless automation. With a 50-foot range from home, a person is able to turn the alarm off, unlock the doors, and just walk right in the house. Everything from the panel to a smartphone connection, it’s easy to use. The touchscreen panel not only looks innovative but it is high-tech with GE and Honeywell manufactured products. The panel also saves money since it has energy efficient light bulbs, thermostat control, and weather alerts.

With the basic package starting at $39.99, smartphone features are available. However, if a homeowner wants to have a video option, it’s going to cost $49.99. Is it worth the $10.00 just to have the advantage of video each month – or does it make more sense to have a standalone camera in the home? To make the decision of being PRO or a CON would determine the personal importance of having a video option on a smartphone.

Equipment Costs with Financing Options

When deciding on the equipment, it gets a little tricky and a lot more expensive. For instance, basic equipment such as window sensors will cost $35.00 and a carbon monoxide detector will cost $70.00! Once a customer gets further into building the type of secured monitoring they want, it can become pretty pricey. The equipment cost can be $1,500.00 just on the low end.

But wait; there is a PRO here too! Many Vivint customers will choose to roll all of their equipment costs into the monthly payment and finance the costs over the life of the contract in order to stretch their budget and get everything they want. It’s called “Flex Pay.” With Flex Pay, customers are able to choose whether to pay for the equipment upfront or finance a portion of the cost for an extended time period such as 42 to 60 months – without a contract obligation.

The advantages of Flex Pay include:

  • Zero percent financing for qualified customers.
  • Option to pay in full at any time without a penalty.
  • Activation fee waived.
  • Installation fee deferred (subject to fulfilling terms of the agreement).
  • No long-term contract commitment.
  • Customized payment plan based on individual budget needs.

There really aren’t any CONS for Flex Pay, unless zero percent financing and “free money” is considered a bad thing! If interested in learning more about any monitored home security, Protect America can provide an instant free quote!

Exclusive and Innovative Manufactured Design

The primary reason Vivint Home Security is considered as the supreme choice has to do with the equipment. This is where the company actually shines over the competition. Vivint Home Security’s equipment is unmatched. The company actually designed its own equipment, which speaks to the innovation chosen to put into even the smallest detail. For instance, the video doorbell was designed to be much smaller than other’s being offered by competitors. The company took into consideration how difficult it is to position a bulky video doorbell and made it slimmer to fit within the doorframe. All of Vivint Home Security automation equipment is Z-Wave compatible, which is an option to substitute existing equipment a person might already have.

Although Vivint Howe Security is available nationwide, there isn’t a landline system available. If a homeowner lives in a rural area or doesn’t get good satellite reception, it may not be the best option. And in some areas, it might not be available at all. That might be the only CON that overrides choosing a Vivint Home Security system.


If you’re looking to protect your entire home without having to pay large up-front costs and you also want a lower monitoring fee you should get a quote with Protect America. It’s free and you’ll be happy you did. Be sure to ask them how much equipment you can get for free!