The rate of property crime has decreased as a whole in the US, although burglaries and vandalism are still costing homeowners billions of dollars each year. Vivint Security is an established home security provider that has a reputation throughout the nation. When you are thinking of investing in a home security system for your family, it is important to review and weigh all of your options before settling on a decision that you feel comfortable and confident in.


In 2016 alone, victims of all property crimes lost approximately $15.6 billion dollars.

Vivint Home Security Systems and Features

Vivint is a massive home security company, providing home security protection services to more than one million customers throughout North America alone. With Vivint Home Security, it is possible to obtain monitored home security solutions with some of the best equipment available on the market, including home automation solutions.

Additionally, all customers of Vivint home security qualify for a lifetime warranty regarding the equipment that is used to create a home security solution that is right for you. Even if your home automation devices or motion detectors become faulty, they can always be replaced or repaired free of charge as long as you are a committed and paying Vivint home security customers.

Pros of Vivint Home Security

One of the biggest attractions to Vivint Home Security is the $0 upfront costs required to get started with the service for new customers. Other features that stand out with Vivint Home Security which are major draws for new customers include:

  • Vivint is available nationwide, making it easy for just about anyone to obtain the service, regardless of your current location.
  • A lifetime warranty is included with all service provided from Vivint.
  • Take advantage of remote access using a mobile smartphone app to monitor and control your home security system from anywhere, even if you are traveling or on-the-go for any reason.
  • Choose between different equipment packages and automation features when selecting a plan that is most fitting for your household’s needs and your home’s layout.


Cons of Vivint Home Security

Although Vivint Home Security is a major security provider in the US, there are also a few negative aspects of using the company to keep in mind and consider before choosing a security company that is right for you. Some of Vivint’s not-so-appealing features include:

  • Lengthy contractual agreements are required for all customers signing on with Vivint Home Security for the first time. While the industry standard for home security typically requires a 36-month contract, Vivint requires a 60-month contract, or a 5-year commitment from all customers who want to obtain service.
  • Vivint is not the cheapest or most affordable home security solution to choose from today. With Vivint, plans begin at $39.99 each month and only go higher depending on the type of equipment and home automation services you plan to implement.
  • A lack of customer service is a major downfall of Vivint Home Security. Many customers complain about the customer service they receive from Vivint and note that it is difficult to receive service or have questions and concerns addressed from the company.

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