Vivint Home Security is one of the best known national home security companies in the country. It has an excellent reputation, and a high star rating on Google. But, is it right for you? Every home security company is different. So, before you sign up for Vivint, or even give them a call for a quote, here are three facts about them you should know. These things may surprise you, and are important to know about before choosing Vivint as your home security company.


Vivint Provides More than Just Burgularly Protection

Vivint also provides the following:

  • Fire warnings
  • Carbon monoxide warnings
  • Flood warnings

Along with your burglar alarm, you can receive an automated fire alarm that will let you know if there is a fire in your house, giving you and your loved ones the alert you need to get out safely. This alarm is wired to work around the clock, and emergency services will be notified whether you are home or not.

Did a pipe burst in your basement, kitchen, or elsewhere in your home? The Vivint alarm will let you know before the flood becomes a big problem. With the early warning you will receive, you can shut off the water, call a plumber to fix it, and clean up the water with a mop or shop vac, rather than having to re-do your floors (and maybe cabinets and walls).

Carbon monoxide is odorless, but can be deadly if you spend too much time in it. However, you would probably never know it was in your house without an alarm. VIvint provides a carbon monoxide alarm to let you know when it is present in your house, so you and your family can get out. It can literally be a life-saver of a service.

Professionals Install Your Vivint Alarm System for You

This isn’t one of those companies that mails you an alarm (usually customized for you at the factory), and expects you to install it yourself using only their written instructions. It also is not a company that puts their alarms in stores, where you buy them and install them on a total DIY basis. This is a professional alarm company with sophisticated equipment, and they will come install it for you. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

You Get App Access to Your Home Security

While you do get professional round the clock monitoring with Vivint, you can also access the home security system with an app on your phone or laptop. According to their website:

“The Vivint Smart Home app connects you to your home security systems from anywhere. Its 4.5-star rated user experience sends alerts whenever smart door locks, security cameras, or security sensors sound an alarm. So if a security alarm goes off when nobody’s home, you still hear the sound.”

Is There a Better Choice in Home Security?

Your choice in home security depends on your own individual needs and preferences. It is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. What your neighbor loves may not be the thing you require, and vice versa. If top quality, continually monitored home security is important to you, and you prefer to work with an established company with a known name and excellent reputation, then you should consider using Protect America.


Protect America has been around for more than a quarter century, and is a top name in home security. As a nine time Consumer Digest Best Buy award winner, this company provides round the clock professional monitoring, so you never have to be concerned with checking your house yourself from a remote feed. You have the confidence of knowing your home is always protected, whether you are watching it or not.

With Protect America, you get free, professional installation of your equipment, and locked-in rates you can afford. The company also has a price match guarantee, so if you find a cheaper service offering the same thing, the company will match the lower price for you. With a three-year contract requirement, you will have the peace of mind of knowing your rate will never change during that time, which means your home security costs are protected from inflation. It’s a winning scenario tens of thousands of customers across the country enjoy. You can join them. Request a free quote from Protect America today.