Given all the options for home security and home automation, it may seem complicated selecting the right features, without buying things you don’t need. By taking a closer look at Vivint and ADT, you can start to understand not only your options, but also find cost-effective solutions that make your life easier, safer and more secure.

Industry Experience

ADT is over a hundred of years old and is one of the most well-known names in the home security business. The solutions they offer are cost-effective given the size of the company and have evolved over time, offering clients an extra layer of safety and security. Vivint has not been around for nearly the same amount of time, but the company offers state-of-the-art technology solutions with a great Vivint camera. This ground-breaking and innovative company is a refreshing both in terms of the solutions it offers and its revitalizing presence in the marketplace.


Package Deals

Vivint and ADT both offer deals for service that allow you to bundle attractive features in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Vivint offers the Total Home Package, which combines doorbell cameras, an element thermostat, smart locks and outdoor cameras among other effective security measures. You get an arsenal of integrated devices that allow you to mitigate threats.

ADT offers three different options for service that start at basic protection and range to full home automation with secure remote camera access. 24/7 monitoring, fire and flood monitoring, cellular connection and remote arm/disarm mobile apps give you an effective array of home security protection. You can find ADT specials with a quick search on Google. You have to pay extra to get an ADT doorbell camera or any ADT Pulse camera.

ADT offers the following package deals:

  • Traditional
  • Control
  • Video


Home Monitoring

Both Vivint and ADT offer active monitoring solutions, which will help protect your home and assets, even when you’re on vacation or indisposed. If you’re home alone and suffer a medical emergency, you aren’t truly alone, because you can call for help. Active monitoring is one of the most beneficial parts of the technological advances in home security. The cameras in your home can stream video to mobile apps and security professionals 24/7, providing you with peace-of-mind.

Traditional security services and new players are offering active home monitoring, and selecting the right provider is critical for your well-being and protection of your assets. At Protect America, we can give you a free quote for service based on your requirements and security threats. There is no better place to turn to for active monitoring and advanced security solutions.