When shopping for home security solutions, it’s critical to understand the features you need to get the optimal protection. Otherwise, you may leave a weak-point for someone to exploit. Comparing and contrasting security options, such as Vivint and Moni Smart Security, is an effective method for understanding your options and making the right security selection.

24/7 Monitoring

Both security providers offer 24/7 active monitoring, adding peace-of-mind to your life regardless if there is a security breach at your home, or if you’re having a medical emergency and need assistance. Active monitoring gives you coverage throughout your home and on its exterior via cameras and sensors. You can go on vacation and be left assured that if someone tries to burglarize your home, you’ll be able to deter them or mitigate the theft of your most precious possessions.


Cameras & Video Recording

You can add doorbell cameras, ping cameras and recording devices at different points around your home, using both providers. You can also view the streaming video with apps on your phone, giving you unprecedented security awareness. However, not every contract comes with the same abilities or features to view camera feeds via apps. Fortunately, you can select the viewing options you want relative to your budget.

Package Deals

Vivint differs from Moni in terms of how services are bundled and sold. Vivint offers the Total Home Package that incorporates home security, smart home technology and cloud storage. You can work with company reps to select the features you want and optimize your security system and add Vivint compatible cameras to your system. Moni offers three different packages at varying price points, allowing you to optimize your security based not only on the features you want, but also based on your budget constraints.

Moni Smart Security offers the following packages:

  • Core: professional monitoring
  • Connected: Core features and smart phone controlled home security
  • Comprehensive: Connected features and home automation controls


Home Control

Smart locks, controllable thermostats, garage door control and Amazon Echo integration are among the home controls you can interlock with your home security system. Vivint notes this integration helps you, “protect and manage what matters most.” You can do this with either provider, which makes security system installation and upkeep relatively straightforward. If you decide to switch providers, you can rest assured technology will be a major component of any system you get.

To learn more about home security systems and how to protect your family and wealth, please contact us today. Protect America is at the forefront of monitored home security systems, offering best-in-class technology to clients throughout the United States. There is no reason to remain unprotected.