Comparing two different companies can help a homeowner determine which of those (or neither of them) will be the right choice for their specific home security needs. That can be difficult to do when the companies are very similar, but they often have some key differences in price and services that will affect whether they are going to work for that particular consumer. Being able to compare security companies also helps provide peace of mind — the right company should make a homeowner feel very safe. Being comfortable at home matters, and a good security company understands that.


What Vivint Has To Offer

Vivint is one of the newer security companies, having been around since 1999. While not as established as some of the household names, it has enough of the market to be valuable to consumers in the United States and Canada. More than one million people subscribe to it, and they receive perks such as:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • remote control of locks and lights
  • fast response times
  • customer service personnel who care
  • easy installation and quality equipment

That’s all good news for people who choose this particular company, since it can make them feel very secure and give them the peace of mind they’re looking for. They aren’t perfect, and reviews of the service are mixed, but that’s to be expected. Every security company has some negative reviews, because it’s just not possible to please everyone with what’s offered. Still, Vivint does try to be the best it can be, and that shows in what it provides to its customers.

What Does SimpliSafe Bring To the Table?

In contrast to Vivint, SimpliSafe is an even newer company. It was founded in 2006, and is based out of Boston. Because it provides a DIY installation but still gives quality monitoring, it’s a bit different than many of its competitors. For people who like that, though, it’s a good option.

It’s generally less expensive than some of the professionally installed systems, and it can be shipped right to a customer’s home and quickly set up.

That way it’s working fast, and the customer feels protected and secure. Not everyone likes how it works, and some complain that it can be unreliable at times — which is not what a person wants in their security system.


Is Comparing Two Companies Enough To Choose From?

It may be hard to tell which company to pick by only looking at two of them, but one can be chosen from those two and then compared against another company. Eventually a winner will emerge. That will generally be a company that is easy to work with and reliable, and one that has a system that can be set up easily. It needs to have quality equipment and dedicated customer service personnel, in order to provide every customer with a good feeling of security and safety.

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