Washington Alarm is a family-owned home security company that is based out of Seattle Washington. They provide cellular monitoring in the form of wireless home security systems for residents and businesses in the Puget Sound area of the US. Washington Alarm has been in business for a whopping 70 years. However, they still need to perfect some areas of their services. Their service range is limited, and there have been reports of unusually slow maintenance response. Although their pricing, policies, and equipment is comparable to other nationally recognized companies, being a smaller company, they do lack some of the timely services and amenities. 


Up-Front Costs

If you wanted to get a security system from Washington Alarms, initial up-front costs for their standard wireless system would cost you a minimum of $200. That doesn’t include monthly monitoring, which will cost you an additional $43 per month for 36 months. For the wireless packages, you’ll end up spending exactly $1,748 – that is, only if you choose not to get any additional equipment. The package alone comes with 3 sensors. Does your home have more than one door and two windows? The package also only comes with a single motion detector. Chances are, you’ll end up purchasing more equipment if you want this system to protect your entire home. And as you probably know, additional equipment will cost you more money out-of-pocket.

At Protect America, there are no up-front costs. Each package we sell is customizable and specifically tailored to your desired price-point. You can have professional monthly monitoring for as low as $19.99 a month at Protect America. And better yet, we provide free equipment that you own upon signing a monitoring contract. Our contracts are the standard length of most alarm companies; 36-months. Additionally, another down side to Washington Alarm is that they only offer a one year warranty on parts and labor and require $15 extra a month for their “extended maintenance contract.”  This would give you full insurance on your system but would bump up your monthly to over $55/month. At Protect America, all products are guaranteed a lifetime warranty.

More Pricing Information

WA focuses on cellular-based packages that use 2GIG, 100% wireless equipment. The alternative to the original cellular wireless plan is opting for the Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) system. At the customer’s request, professionals can install this equipment. However, they do require a large upfront fee ranging from $700-$2000 for this option. Most new customers end up purchasing the standard wireless option because of the cost difference.

Service is Slow

According to a source, when talking to a local service rep about installation timelines he said that they wouldn’t be able to install the system until several weeks out because they are understaffed. Odds are that typical maintenance on their security system would most likely be similarly slow. A lot of customers have complained about the slow service or follow-up appointments. They say that is seems like Washington Alarm is understaffed. This customer had a similar experience with Washington Alarm:

Talked with rep, who was going to call back in a couple hours with a date for installation, never heard back.  That was it for us, if the company cannot follow through on the sale how would they be for service once installed.


Local Versus National

Washington Alarm Inc. maintains their own control center in which they monitor 24/7, and it’s local. There are some common misconceptions about local monitoring facilities versus national home security companies that use national monitoring facilities. Protect America uses three of the best monitoring facilities throughout the United States to make sure your home is always protected.

With today’s communications technology, Protect America has created a variety of affordable while also flexible home security system monitoring solutions. Home security should be simple and affordable. Consider Protect America today. Whatever your needs may be, we’ve got you covered.