In North America, Frontpoint and ADT are two of the largest home security companies. Both home security companies provide quality components manufactured by two of the largest detector and sensor manufacturers in the entire world. If you take a look at the websites of both home security companies, you will notice some differences.

For example, ADT emphasizes the use of professional installers while Frontpoint focuses on the Do-It-Yourself concept.

If you’re wondering whether ADT or Frontpoint is ideal for your needs, this comparison should help you decide.

Company Reputation

Most people would agree that both ADT and Frontpoint have a strong company reputation. However, the company reputation of Frontpoint is generally considered stronger than that of ADT. Today, many customers lodge complaints against ADT. Some of these complaints include lack of transparency, pushy salespeople, and the very strict enforcement of contract policies. They have many BBB complaints. Some states have attempted to use Frontpoint for the use of misleading sales tactics.

On other hand, Frontpoint doesn’t have as many complaints. The complaints that have been posted on the BBB and other websites have been resolved quickly. The fact that Frontpoint offers one-year contracts is likely a big reason for the better company reputation and fewer complaints.


The activation cost for Frontpoint systems is similar to the total installation and activation fee for ADT. The individual component prices for both companies are also very simple. The monthly monitoring fees are about the same. Frontpoint wins the pricing category due to the many coupons and discounts they have available to reduce the cost of the activation fee.


Customers rate Frontpoint’s overall service highly. However, if Frontpoint is unable to resolve a problem that you have for whatever reason, you will need to pay a handyman or local company to fix the issue. On other hand, ADT always offers their services for free if you have an issue with your system. Therefore, ADT is the winner when it comes to service.


Frontpoint offers a one-year contract option as well as three-year contract option. Therefore, Frontpoint is considered the winner when it comes to contracts.

Packages and Contents

The equipment that ADT provides in their Pulse package is worth about $850. However, ADT will lease the equipment to you for free for the length of your contract. Frontpoint charges customers 449 for their Ultimate Plan. The Ultimate Plan includes far more sensors than ADT’s Pulse package. There is one camera in Frontpoint’s Ultimate Plan, but you need to buy a camera separately for ADT’s Pulse package. Therefore, Frontpoint is the winner when it comes to packages and contents.

Ease of Installation

Frontpoint is completely DIY. All the equipment and components of Frontpoint’s packages are factory-set to be compatible with your home system. Even for ADT’s basic system, you will need professional installation. Professional installation is also required for any other sensors or detectors you may add later on.


Equipment Quality and Technology

Most would consider the quality of both company’s equipment and technology as equal. Therefore, it is up to the preference of the homeowners.

For more information about whether ADT or Frontpoint is better, don’t hesitate to contact us. Here at ProtectAmerica, we offer free quotes for those interested in monitored home security and its benefits.