When it comes to the security of your home, you should leave nothing to chance. Therefore, if you’re looking for a home security company, you should ensure that you do your homework. During your research, you may have come across the ADT and Guardian, which are both popular home security companies in the United States. If you’re not sure which company you should choose, this comparison should help you out.

Costs and Contracts

As you research different home security systems, chances are you’re wondering how much it will cost you upfront and on a monthly basis. For most home security companies, upfront costs are installation costs. Both Guardian and ADT charge an installation fee of $99. ADT’s monthly fees begin at $42.99 to $46.99. On the other hand, the monthly fees of Guardian Protection Services range from $29.95 to $55.95. Both ADT and Guardian offer different packages. The amount that you pay per month will depend on your choice of a security package. For both companies, the contract length is 3 years or 36 months.

ADT vs Guardian: Differences in Guarantees

Another factor that you should consider when choosing a home security company is guarantees. ADT offers customers $500 coverage when it comes to the insurance deductible. This guarantee kicks in if any items have been stolen from your home before emergency personnel arrive. However, the alarm must have been activated. If you move, ADT will offer you a new system and installation will be free. You may receive a 20 percent reduction in the premium for your homeowner’s insurance if you choose ADT.

On the other hand, Guardian offers a theft and identity protection guarantee of $5000. You will receive a free standard system if you move your residence.

If you are not satisfied with your home security system within six months of installation, ADT will refund the monitoring fees and installation charges of the system through their Money Back Service. Guardian offers customers a 100% refund.

Technology, Equipment and Services

Both companies offer 24/7 monitoring and have 2-way intercoms. Both companies use text and email alerts. They also offer remote automation. This allows you to control your home security system no matter where you are. Both companies offer wireless video and thermostat control. However, ADT doesn’t have garage door sensors, keychain remote, and wall fobs while Guardian does have these features. ADT does offer door sensors, smart voice devices, and hardwired window sensors.


Both companies offer equipment that is trustworthy and high quality. ADT uses equipment from Honeywell and Pulse Automation. On the other hand, Guardian’s equipment comes from Proprietary. Since ADT has been around for longer, their services encompass the entire country. Guardian doesn’t have nationwide coverage. Therefore, if you move and Guardian doesn’t offer their services in your area, you may have to pay cancellation charges.

Undoubtedly, installing a new home security system is a major step. Therefore, you should take your time and conduct your research thoroughly. Before you make your final decision, you should weigh your options carefully. Also, you should make sure that you hire a contractor that is well-versed in the installation of home security systems.

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