If you’re looking for a new home security company, you may have narrowed down your options to ADT or Lifeshield. While both home security companies are considered leaders in the industry, each company has different advantages to offer to homeowners. If you’re having a hard time choosing between the two companies, this comparison should help you out. 


Which Is Better: ADT Or Lifeshield?

Both ADT and Lifeshield are considered reliable and reputable home security companies. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting scammed or ripped off when it comes to either of these companies. Lifeshield has a decade of experience in the home security industry. This company actually invented the wireless alarm system. Recently, Lifeshield merged with DirecTV to allow the TV company to offer home security to their current companies. In terms of length, ADT blows all the other companies in the industry out of the water. ADT has bought out many major companies, such as BroadView and Brinks.

Pros and Cons

Company Reputation

When it company reputation, ADT is the clear winner. This company is an industry leader and has won many awards throughout its history. ADT is the largest home security provider in the entire world. The company has about 6.4 million customers and resolves more than 19 million alarm signals every year. If you choose ADT, you will be enjoying the services of a home security company with one of the best company reputations in the industry.

LifeShield also has a positive company reputation. However, it is important to consider that LifeShield doesn’t have as long of a history as ADT. Also, LifeShield is currently in the process of changing owners.


Lifeshield offers customers the option of installing the home security equipment on their own. If customers want professional installation, they will pay a small fee of $99. Most customers report that Lifeshield’s home security system is easy to install and that the steps are straightforward and minimal.

On the other hand, professional installation for ADT equipment can be very installation. For the basic packages, installation costs just $99. However, installation can cost more than $1,000 if other equipment like cameras are added. 

Home Automation

Unlike Lifeshield, ADT offers smart appliances like mobile control of thermostats. 


Both companies are largely considered equal when it comes to packages. Lifestyle and ADT both offer basic packages at similar prices. These basic packages usually cost $30 to $50 per month. Of course, cost depends on the features you’re paying for. These basic packages come with 24/7 monitoring and basic equipment needs. For glass-break, freeze, flood, and temperature detectors, you will need to pay extra. You will also need to pay extra for cameras. 


Smartphone app control features are included in LifeShield’s packages. An advanced fire-safety sensor is also included. On the other hand, you will need to pay a higher cost for these features with ADT. However, ADT does offer smart home automation, which is a feature that Lifeshield does not offer.


Lifeshield’s products and services are slightly more affordable than that of ADT. The rates of the packages of both companies are similar. Out-of-package additions are offered by both companies. However, installation fee hike-ups for extra additions can increase the total cost of ADT’s services.

Both companies are a good choice for homeowners looking for quality home security services. If you’re interested in home security, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Protect America for a free quote.