As the market for a more connected home become increasingly popular, it’s not rare to find home security and automation services being sold as a package bundle. Industry icons like ADT is increasingly seeing its flanks harried by a ne’er-do-well upstart named Vivint that excels in finding ways to make your home just a bit more like the Jetson’s.

The Similarities

First, in order to better highlight the differences later, here is a list of the aspects that both companies share to a high enough degree.


Home Automation

The FTC said that devices like smart alarms and appliances will bring “enormous benefits” to consumers, and it’s hard to disagree with them when you look at what’s available from Vivint and ADT.

With ADT, Alexa lets you control the alarm, lights, temperature, and more with a voice-activated system or a smartphone app for extra convenience. Vivint’s entire focus is home automation with security rolled into the features that they expect from a modern smart-home. Vivint also has voice and smartphone control for their immense range of products like automated thermostats, door locks, and cameras.

Monitored Home Security

A big ol’ scary dog may scare off some intruders, but smart and dedicated thieves know that a dog means nothing if no one responds to its barks.

That’s why monitored home security has skyrocketed as an industry while the guard dog business is just the loyal best friend of physical security services. Both companies offer 24/7 monitoring of all the alarms, monitors, and sensors that they install in your home through a cellular connection that can’t be snipped off by an intelligent criminal like a phone wire can. You can downgrade to landline-only with ADT to avoid some charges, but it’s not recommended given the immense vulnerability and the small cost.

The Differences

Budget Packaging and Pricing

ADT offers the basics in home security that would be considered standard in their baseline package, while the cheapest Vivint packages are loaded with home automation options that push up the price. ADT is also cheaper than Vivint when comparing their shared services and similar packages. The pricing difference stems both from the massive difference in their company infrastructures, with Vivint’s value at $2 billion and ADT’s just under $7 billion, and Vivint slamming features into their packages, but it is important for companies to offer affordable plans to extend security to as many people as possible.

Business Bureau Rating

The BBB is a trusted name in evaluating the behavior of businesses, so it’s disparaging that Vivint receives an abysmal C rating. Conversely, ADT is accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating. Customer review percentages for both are mostly negative at 78% for Vivint and 94% for ADT.

Final Thoughts

Considering that these companies will be inherently invading your personal lives just a tiny bit with their monitoring, the horribly low rating from the BBB gives cause for alarm. Still, the customer reviews for both are mostly centered around customer service and billing as opposed to the functionality of the product when it’s installed and working properly. You can make your home safer, friendlier, and more efficient with home automation packages from either company, so it is recommended that you go through their available packages in more detail then contact them for a quote and consultation. Also consider other options outside the industry leaders, since companies like Protect America offer competitive options without the mega-corporation treatment that the customers of ADT and Vivint have complained about loudly.