According to a recent survey, “63% of Americans are in danger of falling victim to a home invasion.”

Now is the right time to get in the hunt for a home security monitoring company and you might be considering two of the most popular ones your area like Slomins and ADT.  While on the surface they might look comparable, there are some significant differences you will want to take into consideration.  First and foremost, both will have to send a professional installer to your home in order to get your system up and running.  If you are okay with that, let’s look at a few more criteria to separate the two.

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    Installation Fee

    While promotion come and go, it is likely that you will an installation or activation fee for your new home security system.  Slomins is more likely to charge you a low $99 for the installation, but their monthly monitoring fees are up to 30% higher. ADT may have a promotion for a $99 installation but beware of an additional activation fee that could send your start-up costs over $300.

    For both companies, if you add on cameras or security points, the costs will go up.

    Length of Contract

    ADT’s basic service contract is currently 36 months.  Slomins requires you to sign up for five years.  If you end up selling the house before your contract is up, you either will have to pay a cancellation fee or complete the payments for the contract. In this day and age of mobile executives, the 3-year contract is far more tempting.

    Battery Operated vs. Hardwired

    The Slomins system is hardwired into your electrical service, which demands that a licensed technician install and maintain the system.  This can result in holes being drilled in your walls just to connect the touchpad to the power grid. Meanwhile, the ADT systems often feature battery operated keypads.  While your system stays active when the power goes out, you will have to replace those batteries on a regular basis.  Just one more cost of monitoring your safety. Since the ADT system is battery-operated, it offers more flexibility in placement of keypads.

    Able to Relocate?

    Now, if you are moving wouldn’t it be nice to have a security system in place at your new residence? Slomins is expanding their coverage, but remain a mostly regional company that services areas including:

    • East Coast
    • Georgia
    • Florida
    • Los Angeles area

    If you are moving to the mid-west, you will have to hire a new company. Meanwhile, ADT offers relocation services throughout the United States and may be able to transfer your account to the new location.

    Is the Equipment Warrantied?

    What about all those cameras and security points? Will Slomins or ADT replace them? ADT security cameras  and other equipment is backed with a lifetime warranty. Slomins has a 1-year warranty. If your keypad dies after that time, you will be paying for a new one.


    Both Slomins and ADT have excellent reputations in the home security world, but you are tied into their cameras, keypads, recording devices and monitoring service. If you prefer the do-it-yourself approach, you might be interested in a home security company like Protect America. Find the security you want by customizing your system to your specifications and they will ship you all the equipment.  Their customer service department walks you through the installation and then you pay a lower monthly monitoring fee.

    For more information about the options that Protect America offers, click or call for a free no-obligation review of your security needs today.