Keeping up with the latest smart home trends can be nearly impossible right now, as there is a new product or innovation nearly every single day. One of the corner stones of a smart home is having wirelessly connected smart security. Wink has been one of the leading innovators in the smart home industry with their smart hub and now they have released their smart security kits. So how well does the Wink Lookout home security system work?

The Wink Lookout is a new DIY home security kit that uses the wink hub and comes with a variety of sensors that help you keep tabs on your home and keep everyone and everything safe. It’s easy to install and wireless and all of the sensors come pre-paired with the hub so that getting alerts to the Wink app is a breeze. The Wink Lookout security system is also compatible with practically every smart device communication protocol out there.


Wink Lookout Good Highlights

Some quick highlights:

  • Easy to set up
  • Mobile alerts
  • Broad compatibility

Easy-to-Install DIY Security

Having an easy setup is a pretty big selling point for smart home features, and home security is no exception. Since the Lookout security system uses the Wink Hub 2 for those that are already using wink will find that it pretty much works out of the box. If you don’t already have a Wink system you don’t need to worry though, it’s still preconfigured, but you will have to set the app up on your phone and mount the security sensors around your home.

The App & Mobile Alerts

While their mobile app is easy to work with, it does lack a bit in flexibility. Their app is basically designed to send push notifications to your phone when the motion detector detects motion. There is no way to adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor however nor is there a way to add a delay or limit to the next trigger. This means that the notifications can pile up in quick succession and can be pretty annoying.

Broad Compatibility and Extensions

One of the advantages of having a security system connected to the Wink Hub 2 is that you inherit all of its compatibility. The other advantage is that the security features are relatively inexpensive so expanding the security won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Wink Lookout Drawbacks

While the Wink Lookout has a pretty nice price point and is very easy to get up and running, it’s probably not the best option for either category.

Quick list of drawbacks:

  • Hard to arm and disarm
  • No professional monitoring option
  • Limited app features
  • No security cameras
  • Limited battery life
  • Too many notifications

Other security companies like Protect America have their sensors pre-configured so you’re not really getting the easiest security system to set up, you’re actually getting a security system with such watered down features that it seems easier to set up. On top of that getting a security camera system to prevent things like package theft will require a whole separate system, so if you take that into consideration it’s actually a pretty complicated process to get a complete security system with the lookout.


Another drawback is the lack of professional monitoring features. That means that if something does trigger your alarm it’s up to you to call for emergency services. All the Lookout will do is warn your phone and play a siren. So if you’re on vacation and you left your phone out of reach while someone is breaking into your house then chances are that it will be too late.

Complete Smart Security System

We can see why having your security sensors pre-configured and easy to install is a pretty tempting feature, but you don’t have to settle for limited security to get it. Protect America pre-configures all of their security system which is built completely custom for your unique security needs. Once you finish picking out all of the security features you want, they ship it straight to your door ready to go. You will never have any installation fees and your security is monitored by a professional 24 hours a day. Talk to a security expert about your security needs today and you could get up to $1400 in free equipment!