Researching to learn about the best home security system or home alarm systems? There are many factors to consider while narrowing down your selection of top security systems.

When looking for wireless home alarm systems reviews, it’s important to note there will be two categories: one for the product, the other for the supporting service. Many shopping websites, like Amazon, will include reviews of specific models of wireless home security systems. Reviews for wireless home alarm systems and their supporting service can be a little more difficult to find as few reputable products reviewers actually focus on the home security industry.

Best Wireless Home Alarm Systems

Any customer look for a wireless home alarm system is going to want to find the best deal that meets their needs. Wireless security systems that don’t include a monitoring service will have to be maintained and monitored by the user. Some models make this easy by including software for easily creating alerts but most non-monitored wireless home alarm systems don’t include these features. Customers that choose this option will also be left to install their new alarm system without comprehensive support.

Wireless home alarm systems provided through a reputable security company, like Protect America, will provide over-the-phone installation support for free. Protect America is also willing to provide a free wireless home alarm system to any customer that signs a monitoring agreement. Wireless systems are incredibly customizable so it’s easy to add a variety of security accessories, like interactive security cameras, smoke detectors, and cold temperature gauges.

Consumer Reports: Best Wireless Home Alarm System Reviews

For understandable reasons, people trust Consumer Reports, one of the oldest and most respected consumer products publications in existence. When it comes to home security, Consumer Reports is shockingly absent. For the most part, Consumer Reports avoids reviewing home security products because performance often depends on a related security or monitoring service. A few reliable testing publications have reviewed monitored wireless home alarm systems, like, which named Protect America the number one home security company in the nation.

Finding the Best Wireless Home Alarm Systems

Let’s be honest: The best, and most affordable, wireless home alarm system is offered by Protect America. Every Protect America customer will receive a free wireless home security system. Simply fill out the lead form at the top right portion of this page to have a home security experts contact you soon! Or call us at 1-888-951-5136 to start the process yourself.