Home security systems are on the way to becoming a multi-billion dollar market. Besides, wireless home security systems are a hot topic in the security industry.

Wireless security alarms and surveillance systems have eliminated the hassle associated with the traditional security systems, made the installation simple and the security systems more functional.

The implementation of wireless technology has heightened the demand for wireless security systems. And that tech advancement has made it possible for us to witness trends in wireless home security systems with each passing year.

We’ll look at the top wireless home security systems trends that will take over the home security space in 2018;

  • Self-Monitoring Increases
  • Web and App-Based Wireless Security Systems Take Root
  • Detector and Sensors for Early Warning
  • Home Automation Will Become More Real
  • Video & Child-Safety Features Coming to Fore



The continued development in mobile and wireless technologies such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops has given rise to a trend in wireless home security systems – self-monitoring. Upon installing a home security system, you can monitor it through the devices. With the right security cameras installed, you can see what’s happening inside and outside your home remotely.

Although self-monitored security systems may lower the cost of your security investment, the downsides outweigh the benefits. A monitored home security system is better than unmonitored home security since it means a professional security company will monitor your home 24/7. In the event of an emergency like an attempted burglary or fire, your monitoring security company will receive a notification after which they’ll alert you and then send the police.

If you’re looking for monitored home security, look no further than Protect America. We offer 24/7 professional monitored home security for as low as $30/month. Determine the type of monitoring that’s right for your home, and we’ll send you home security equipment worth up to $1,400. After that, we’ll guide you through the simple installation process for free. Found a better deal? Tell us, and we’ll match it.

Web & App-Based Wireless Security System

In 2018, we expect to see more of the web and app-based wireless security systems. Web & app-based security platforms will come with a load of benefits for the business homeowners.

They’ll offer secure access from the laptops, smartphones, and tablets and allow you to monitor what’s happening in your home on the go.

Smarter Detectors & Sensors

With the advancement in technology, we see an increasing trend in the emergence of more intelligent detector and sensors. Motion detectors and sensors will be able to detect changes in motion, light, temperature and other elements so users can know the changing room conditions. Besides, fire/smoke detectors, flood detectors, CO detectors will become more effective.

Home Automation Will Become More Real

While home security has been in existence, there’s a rising trend whereby wireless security systems will make home automation take root. Home automation can now be integrated into the home security system.

Expect to see a rise in security packages that combine both the home automation and home security. Using your security equipment, you’ll not only lock your doors and activate the home security alarms but also control your appliances and home entertainment system.


Video & Child Safety Features

A couple of years ago, most home security systems didn’t include video. With the emergence of wireless home security systems, video and child safety features have become a reality. Homeowners can now check who’s at the door before opening, and monitor the movement of their small children and pets when away from home.

Other than giving you a view of your entire home, you can get the surveillance cameras automated. That way, you’ll receive an alert whenever a suspicious activity occurs inside your home or the immediate compound.

Protect America

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