Picture this: Your friend is throwing a last-minute birthday party this weekend, but you don’t have a gift. In a scramble, you order their present online, and opt for two-day express shipping. Then, the party day arrives, but you still don’t have a gift in your hand; you were supposed to receive it a day before. The possible culprit? Neighborhood package thieves.


Mishaps like these can happen all the time, but the difference between you and someone who has outdoor security cameras installed? They can catch them. Meanwhile, you’re left present-less wondering who got their hands on your package.

From stolen packages to burglaries, and even home vandalism, these are all reasons to install outdoor security cameras on your home. These days, there are plenty of options when it comes to home security. If you’re thinking of going the wireless route, here are three things you should know:

3 Pros About Wireless Outdoor Home Security Cameras

No. 1) They May be Harder to Spot

The big difference between wired and wireless security cameras? The wires, of course. Wireless security cameras are much less intrusive to the outside of your home. Because there are no wires attached, a burglar might not easily catch that there’s a security camera watching right over them. Plus, there’s no way that a burglar can cut cords to prevent himself from being spied on.

Burglars know to ‘cut the lines’ along the perimeter of your property before breaking a window or busting a door and entering your home.” – Source

Additionally, wireless security cameras can be installed nearly anywhere. They’re not restricted to installation near an outdoor power outlet. As opposed to a wired security camera, if you decide to move your wireless security camera somewhere else, the uninstalling process is hassle-free. Our wireless outdoor security cameras are crystal clear and provide a 60-degree field of view, so no matter where you put it, you’ll be getting a full and perfect view of outside your home.

No. 2) They’re User-Friendly

Wireless security cameras are typically controlled through mobile apps. That said, you can watch the outside of your home from the comfort of your bedroom, or even if you’re on a vacation miles away. Monitored home security is important because it keeps you on top of what’s happening in current time.

On top of offering precise views, our wireless outdoor security cameras also provide live streaming and notifications. Use your iOS or Android smart device and our interactive app to be on top of your home security from anywhere in the world. If you’re already in the home automation game, wireless is perfect for you.


No. 3) They’re Cost-Efficient

Less wires also means less money. Wireless security cameras don’t require much equipment, so you can save on all the tools and accessories that would typically be needed for installing a wired camera. And we’re guessing you most likely already have a WiFi connection and your own smart phone.

Wireless home security and home automation is becoming more and more popular, so there’s an abundance of affordable cameras on the market. Home security doesn’t have to be expensive. Interested in monitoring your home on a budget? Get a quote from us to see how little you could be spending!

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