One of the first cameras compatible with Apple’s HomeKit has been scrapped entirely. The Withings Home Plus, at least for now, will not be on shelves. Back in February, the D-Link Omna beat out Withings to have the first Apple HomeKit compatible option on the market, and now Withings will be left with two losses. The product scrapping comes after a patent dispute between apple and Nokia, the parent company of Withings, as reported by 9to5Mac.

The dispute between Nokia and Apple has been ongoing since Nokia acquired Withings around a year ago. They had previously sued Apple for a patent dispute in December. Apple followed with a counter suit, claiming Nokia was being a patent troll. Since the dispute, Withings health products have been removed completely from Apple stores. This is a similar response from Apple as they did while they were having a lawsuit with Bose, a Beats Headphones subsidiary, and they removed all Beats headphones from stores.


About the Withings Home Plus

This was the second generation of Withings home cameras, and initially a hopeful to be the first camera compatible with Apple’s HomeKit before being overtaken by the D-Link Omna. The Home Plus appeared to be very similar to the original Home version. It had two important updates: 1080p HD and live video streaming capabilities. Otherwise, both cameras offered two-way talk, night vision, motion, and sound and air quality alerts. The Home Plus was slated to be equipped with an Apple required MFi chip, but the product had also promised to have an app available for Android users, a 24-hour time lapse, and a two-day event log and optional continuous video recording for a monthly fee.


Stick with the Pros for Security

This Home Plus product would have been a camera that simply integrated with Apple’s HomeKit. Those familiar know that HomeKit know that it is a smart home interface that allows users to access a number of connecting devices through a single, unifying app. Users can also use Siri to enact voice commands.

Though the HomeKit comes from Apple, a world-renowned brand, the tool does not substitute for all-encompassing home security. Similar to other DIY and unmonitored home security products we have discussed, this tool does not have a connection to monitored professionals. If a break-in occurs, you are at the whim of assuming your internet connection is good enough to send you a push notification, and even then, you’ll be in charge of calling law enforcement yourself. By the time this process is completed, it’s likely that burglars will already have gotten away with your belongings.

Besides not working as an all-encompassing home security system, HomeKit and similar devices don’t provide the peace of mind of monitored CO detectors, smoke detectors, emergency detectors, and other devices that guarantee a response from emergency personnel in the event of a dangerous incident. When it comes to home security, we suggest you stick with the pros who provide all-encompassing security that is sure to protect your home and family.