East Coast residents looking for a home security system may find what they need with Worldwide Security. This firm has offices in Garden City, New York and New York City, New York and serves 23,000 residents who live locally and beyond. Featuring 36 years of service in the area, Worldwide is an established home security firm with a strong roster of customers. 


Worldwide Security Services

Worldwide Security strives to provide the most technologically advanced services possible to their New York area customers. With a focus on the latest in technology—particularly from companies like Honeywell—this home security company keeps an eye toward peak connectivity and information for their customers as we proceed more deeply into the 21st century.

Just a few of the premier customized home security solutions available from Worldwide Security include: 

  • Motion Detectors with Keypads. Residents can have full control of their home security unit via a custom keypad that they can set to "silent" or "siren" mode.
  • Safe and Vault Protection. Whether families need to store family heirlooms and other valuables or items like guns, Worldwide’s safe and vault protection keep them safe while allowing easy access for the homeowners.
  • Glass Break Sensors. Most homeowners understand that, if they hear glass break—or worse yet, if they don’t hear glass break—intruders are already inside. Glass break sensors instantly let the security company know there is a problem.
  • Video Monitoring. 24/7 video monitoring, using standalone cameras, is an essential part of any high-quality, modern home security system. Worldwide does offer 24/7 monitoring services that are managed at the local level, according to Best Home Security Companies.
  • Fire, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors. Another important feature of home alarm systems is anything set to protect families from the threat of fire, smoke and carbon monoxide, and Worldwide has its customers covered on this front.

How Much Is a Typical Worldwide Security Package for Homeowners?

Worldwide Security’s basic package comes with free equipment and installation, and you pay $0 down and $39.95 per month for 60 months. The basic package comes with one motion sensor, two door and window sensors, one central panel and one key fob. Customers can customize their services for additional fees. 

Worldwide Security Reviews 2018

Worldwide Security has received a high national ranking for its professional crime and fire protection services to Nassau and Suffolk Counties and Metro New York. Its local-minded strategy also creates and fosters a strong sense of community for its customers. The most commonly cited downside to the service is its 5-year contract that can be a deterring factor for customers who do not want to make such a long-term commitment, such as those who may be planning a move within that time frame. 


Are You Looking for a More Flexible Home Security Arrangement?

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We are extremely pleased to be a part of PROTECT AMERICA! They have restored our faith that companies can have excellent work ethics, serving their customers respectfully with a high level of professionalism.

With our home security services, you can enjoy far greater flexibility, no activation or equipment fees, and budget-friendly prices without sacrificing expert security services that give you complete peace of mind. Contact us today to get a free quote from Protect America!