2018 Update

Since this article was released, WyzeCam has slightly changed the camera. Checkout our other article that describes the Wyze Cam V2

In the DIY home security race for supremacy, companies are constantly coming up with new ways to be cheaper than the competition. Wyze Labs, a company founded by an ex-Amazon employee, has made quite a leap in this race with their first product, WyzeCam. A DIY non-monitored security camera that offers everything the competition does for a fraction of the cost.

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    The WyzeCam is a sleek little camera with similar capabilities to what we’ve seen from its competition. It offers 1080p video, motion and sound detection, night vision and even two-way audio. All this tech is compacted into an impressively small 2.20-by-1.97-by-1.97-inch white cube that is mounted to a magnetic stand for easy placement on metal surfaces. The stand can rotate and tilt to face any direction and comes with adhesive tape so it can be mounted to nearly any surface. Unlike the other non-monitored cameras however, the WyzeCam offers 14 days of free cloud storage and only cost $20. That makes the WyzeCam roughly half the price of the competitions average price.

    This seems too good to be true and unfortunately, it is.

    Like all the other non-monitored DIY cameras, the WyzeCam is controlled through the mobile app on smart phones. Setting up the camera and app is as simple as plugging in and connecting to the Wi-Fi. This makes the DIY part of the camera very useful. With the app, customers have the capability to customize preferences such as turning on or off motion detection and sound detection. Any motion or sound that is detected will alert the app via smart phone. Like every other camera, once the alert is signaled, a recording of the event will begin. Unlike the other cameras, the WyzeCam will only record for 12 seconds. About half of those 12 seconds are occupied by a buffering prerecording.
    Wyze Labs seemingly noticed this flaw in their camera and hoped to resolve the issue with a built-in Micro-SD card that will allow continuous recording rather than only 6 seconds. The problem with this option of course is the risk of an intruder simply taking the camera and you losing all of that footage. That risk is why cloud based video storage is much more popular and reliable in terms of actual security. Offering 14 days of cloud backup seems like a great selling point for a non-monitored camera but in reality is likely unnecessary. If a break-in occurs and you are notified on your phone, you likely would not need two weeks to request the recording of the incident. Instead, you would probably prefer to have longer than 6 seconds to get a good glimpse of the intruder.

    This move towards a cheaper home security option that dilutes actual security is a trend we hope does not continue. Finding the best deal for home security is an obvious priority for many individuals but with products like WyzeCam on the market, people may not know what security they are actually losing for the lower price. Security cameras should not make you have to worry about weather an intruder looked at your camera within its 6 second capability while he is taking valuables from your home. Instead, consider a professionally monitored security system to insure truly protecting your home.