There is a reason that people are looking closer at home security alarm systems. Over the years, the entire industry has become more affordable than ever. While home security systems have been available for decades, they’ve never been as easy to acquire as they are today. Many retailers and companies are getting into the business and even some established brands in other parts of the business world. Today, we are going to be talking about Xfinity Home Alarm systems and what they can offer to potential customers. We are going to outline the benefits of this new line of security systems while also detailing what customers should be wary of. Let’s jump right into our discussion!


An Overview Of Xfinity Home Alarm Systems

Comcast is one of the largest home internet providers in all of the United States of America. While they have a speckled reputation with some legitimate complaints lobbied against them, Comcast has by and large become a respectable provider in the technology field. With that being said, the decision to branch out into the home security field was a weird one and so it only makes sense that we take a closer look at their service offerings. We’re going to ignore their history in the internet providing field and instead focus solely on what their security systems have to offer.

Comcast was established in 1963 as a telecommunications corporation. Since their inception, Comcast has grown into one of the largest corporations in America.

Signing up for the Comcast Xfinity Home Alarm package is easy because homeowners can simply add it to their internet/television bundle. Xfinity’s home security is a separate service but it is mixed in all of the same. Let’s take a quick peek at what exactly the Xfinity Home Alarm Systems are:

  • 100% Completely Wireless Services
  • Professional Installation Is Required
  • 24/7 Professional Home Monitoring
  • Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Wireless Motion Detectors

As we can plainly see, Comcast went through the appropriate measures in order to make sure that their security package is up-to-date with the rest of the industry. As an extension of our other utility bills, the Xfinity Home Alarm System is easy to add-on as a bundle. Additionally, we like how easy and intuitive the interface was when used via our mobile phone applications.

Which System Is Right For Me?

The basic Xfinity Home Alarm package requires high-speed internet and it comes with all of the basic equipment that most people would expect: cameras, door/window sensors and motion detectors. Additionally, customers can add-on other products to their bundle in order to expand the protective services that the package comes with. Comcast Xfinity offers a slew of different offerings that include smart thermostats, outdoor/indoor cameras, outlet controllers and smoke/c02 detectors. With enough add-ons, customers can expect to protect their entire home via an automated system. The price is high, however, and that is something that homeowners must weigh as they seek the perfect security package.


Secure Your Property With Protect America

There are hundreds of security companies looking to offer their services to customers all around the world. While there are no doubt many great options out there, very few of them can measure up to what the team at Protect America has on offer. Protect America is an all-in-one DIY home security company that offers compelling services at an affordable rate. Protect America has been helping homeowners secure their property since 1992 and they’ve grown more and more popular by the year.

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