Having proper home security can be the difference between a break-in and massive property loss and just another regular night at home. Home security monitoring systems have become more and more popular over the past decade thanks to the ease with which they can be made, bundled, and sold on a budget. Technology, smart technology, in particular, has made it all too easy for everyone to add a home security system to their property. In fact, it has become so easy to offer these kinds of services that companies like Comcast are getting into the business. Today, we are going to break down the Xfinity Home Security Bundle to see if it lives up to the hype. We’re also going to discuss viable alternatives if the Xfinity Bundle does not sound appealing.


Xfinity Home Security Bundle – Entry Level Home Security

In the world of home security, there have been many major players who have taken up a position at the top of the industry. Companies like Protect America and ADT have solidified themselves as the elite options on the market. However, that doesn’t mean that people have quit shopping around for viable alternatives. Comcast is one of the largest cable providers in all of North America and they are known primarily for servicing customers with TV and internet packages, as well as phone lines. While Comcast’s reputation has taken a beating over the years, they continue to dominate that particular industry. So, does that mean that Comcast is a natural fit for home security?

Comcast was first established in June 28, 1963. Since then, Comcast has become one of the largest cable providers in the world. Despite their checkered reputation, Comcast continually puts out upper-tier services — though sometimes it comes at an exorbitant price.

Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at Xfinity’s home security offerings in order to properly appraise why they might or might not be the next major player in the security system industry. There are obvious reasons as to why Xfinity’s home security bundle should be competitive and customers will hope that it pays off with a premium service. Now it is time to analyze their security bundle and stack it up against some of the standards within the industry.

Selecting The Ideal Security System With Xfinity

Alright, so we’ve taken some time to get to know Comcast as a provider, now we need to really hone in on what makes their security system bundle good or bad. To start with, one would have to consider that Comcast has a leg up on their competition due to the fact that they service millions of households throughout North America by way of their conventional cable and internet offerings. This lead-in gives Comcast an advantage and it is one of the early perks of the secured monitoring service. Those who are seeking Comcast bundles can go ahead and add home secured monitoring on top of their package. However, it doesn’t really matter how easy the product is to get if it is low in quality. Here are a few key points to understand the Xfinity Home Security Bundle.

  • The Xfinity Home Security Bundle comes stocked with 24/7 professional monitoring along with real-time messages sent straight to mobile devices.
  • Comcast also has impressed with their professional and easy to use apps on both iOS and Android devices.
  • High-quality equipment has made Xfinity’s Home Securit Bundle popular among shoppers.

However, despite these positives, there are still some problems to consider with the Xfinity service. Customers routinely complain about the high billing price for the security system and studies show that Comcast is overcharging for their monthly security subscription in comparison to other industry leaders.  Comcast has also made it so that customers have to pay exorbitant prices to flesh out the basic security system into something that can realistically secure larger homes, which isn’t ideal for an entry-level service.


Turn to Protect America Today

We appreciate much of what Comcast was trying to do with their Xfinity Home Security Bundle but ultimately the product falls short. It is problematic that Comcast overcharges on their monthly subscription while severely limiting the flexibility of their secured systems. Fortunately, Protect America is a more affordable and fleshed out an alternative for homeowners looking to protect their property.