83% of burglars openly admit to looking for alarm systems before choosing a home to target when planning a burglary.

Homes that do not have a home alarm system installed are 300% more likely to become a potential target for burglars, which is why home security is one of the most important investments a homeowner can make. When you are thinking of investing in home security and you are interested in Xfinity’s home security services, weighing your options and comparing providers near you is highly advisable before making an informed decision you are satisfied with in the future.


Undisclosed Upfront Costs

While there are advertisements available promoting specific plans and packages that are currently featured from Comcast’s Xfinity Home Security, there are also many undisclosed costs that have been reported as additional and unwarranted service fees. Many packages that are currently available from Xfinity Home Security start at $39.99 but this does not include potential installation, equipment, and other service fees depending on your location and the plan you have selected. When a company is not upfront about potential costs, the overall investment of your home security system can quickly skyrocket.

Shorter Contract Requirements

Many home security companies and providers today require customers to sign a contractual agreement that is typically anywhere from 3 to 5 years. Xfinity Home Security currently requires new and prospective customers to sign a 24-month (or 2-year) contract, which is shorter than most providers in the industry. If you are interested in breaking free from standard contractual home security companies, consider alternative providers such as Protect America to completely customize your home security package without long-term commitments and contracts.

Well-Known Brand Name

Comcast’s Xfinity is one of the largest providers of phone, internet, and cable television services throughout the US and other countries internationally. The name itself is trusted and known to millions around the globe. However, Comcast and Xfinity do not have the best track record regarding the customer service they provide, even to longstanding loyal consumers. Xfinity’s customer reviews do not always paint Comcast in a positive light. Instead, the reviews focus on Comcast’s lack of customer service and the inability to get assistance when services or products are not working or are faulty altogether. Hidden fees, charges, and even spikes in equipment rentals are extremely common with many Comcast and Xfinity reviews. Whenever you are choosing a home security company to protect you and your family and you are required to sign a long-term contract, reading and comparing customer reviews and testimonials is a must to prevent stress, aggravation, and financial strain in the future.

Price Increase Potential

One of the biggest complaints regarding Xfinity’s Home Security services is the potential for price increases, even if a customer has signed a contract that is already in effect. Before signing a contract with Comcast Xfinity, be sure to inquire about the possibility of potential price increases and whether or not you are still required to stick with the company even if you are no longer able to afford the increase over time. In most cases, Xfinity reserves the right to increase prices on customers after the first year of service, but it is still highly advisable to review any contractual agreement you are presented with before choosing a home security company that is right for you.

Additional Xfinity Services Required

In order to obtain Xfinity Home Security services, you are required to have other Xfinity services already installed in your home. Whether you have an internet, cable television, or phone package, it is necessary to use other Xfinity home services before you are eligible for any home security package or plan that is currently available from Comcast Xfinity.


Moving Costs

If you are planning on moving to a new location and require a service transfer, be prepared to pay for moving costs regardless of how long you have left if your original contract with Xfinity. Transferring your service to any new location requires a fee even if you have used the service as a loyal customer for years.

Are you seeking a home security provider that is transparent with their business model and has a positive track record and reputation? Contact Protect America to learn more about customizing your home’s security package today!