Xfinity Home Security is a popular service that covers most of the country, and helps make homes safer. It does this by offering customers a variety of features, including remote access video monitoring and the ability to stay connected to the home from anywhere. While connecting to Xfinity anywhere sounds like a match made in heaven, there is more to the company that you may not know. Here are three things that’ll have you saying, “Wow! I really didn’t know that.”

Xfinity Home Security Service Is Part of Comcast

In addition to home security, Xfinity, since it’s part of Comcast, also offers TV and Internet services while allowing customers to bundle costs and save money. Many people have issues with Comcast and don’t realize that their Xfinity Home Security system falls under the same umbrella. Comcast has a reputation for making it difficult to cancel their service and locking customers into contracts. The standard contract is 24 months, which can be shorter than other security systems. If customers choose to cancel while their contract is active, they have to pay 80% of the remaining contract balance. However, there is a 30-day trial period. If customers cancel within the 30-day trial period, there is a restocking fee for equipment. While there are many complaints about Comcast on the Internet, the company does have an A-rating on the BBB. There is only a 30-day warranty on equipment, but additional warranty coverage can be purchased as part of the Secure 350 plan.


Services Can Be Pricey but There Are Options

The services start with the Home Touchscreen Controller. This controller connects with devices and the central monitoring system. One thing to note about the equipment with Xfinity is that it does require a high-speed Internet connection. For those that are concerned that their home will no longer be protected if the Internet goes out, which can happen with Comcast, there are backup options. There is a battery backup as well as cellular backup in the home packages, which include the security system. However, it’s not required to use Comcast Internet. Customers can have a different Internet provider if they so choose. There are ways to bundle services to get them cheaper, but usually the introductory price will expire before the two year contract price ends and customers are stuck in the contract.

Some of the features include Smart Home Control, which allows customers to stay connected to their security system from anywhere. All they need is the Xfinity Home app.

Features of the app include:

  • Disarm Alarms at Certain Times
  • Get Real Time Notifications When There Is Motion Detected or the Front Door Is Opened
  • Control from Anywhere
  • 24/7 Access to the Home
  • Easier Living through Automation
  • Set Thermostat Remotely
  • Turn On or Off Lights Remotely

There is additional equipment available that includes live video monitoring, which can ensure that kids get home safely in the afternoons and allow customers to see if packages have been delivered. With the Xifinity integration it’s possible to access the system from the television. Many like the home video monitoring feature for extra security, but that does cost extra for the equipment as well as the monthly service. The system allows customers to customize it to their exact security needs, whether it includes things like thermostat control, smoke monitoring or life video monitoring and video recording.


Customer Service is Not 24 hours

Customers may speak with a specialist during business hours, or schedule a call to have them call back. If customers schedule a call it must be submitted during business hours, which are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., excluding holidays. If the call is after hours, they will call you back the next business day. Many have reported bad customer service in online reviews with different fluctuations in pricing each month. Pricing ranges based on the area you are in and the services you are receiving with the different equipment options you have.

While Xfinity has plenty of options, when it comes to home security, prices and lack of customer service, there are other security system options.

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