Finding the best home security company in the industry is often high on the list of priorities for families and business owners alike in search for optimal protection of their property. Adding a home security system to your home is a way to deter burglars as properties that do not have a security system currently in place are 300% more likely to find themselves as a target of a burglary. Xfinity Home Security is a monitoring service offered by the mega-corporation known as Comcast. With all large home security companies, there are both pros and cons to consider before making a decision on an investment that is best for you.

Home Security Review

Pros of Xfinity Home Security

Comcast’s Infinity offers a number of features and benefits with its monitoring service such as:

  • Live 24/7 monitoring available
  • Able to include Xfinity’s home security system within a bundle of your choice as a new or existing customer
  • Xfinity hosts a number of promotions throughout each year offering steep discounts compared to the market competition. However, it is important to learn what your overall costs will become once a promotion you have signed up for has run its course. 
  • Home automation is also possible with Xfinity Home Security systems, allowing you to control everything from the lighting throughout your home to your garage door, smart locks and even your thermostat. 

Cons of Xfinity Home Security

While Xfinity does have a list of pros regarding their security system reviews, there are also concerns and cons including:

  • Not having an option for Xfinity Home Security services on their own other than a basic package (being required to opt into a bundled package)
  • The overall price of your monthly or annual home security bill with Xfinity may fluctuate and rise once a promotion you are in has ended, causing you to become locked in at much higher rates
  • It is oftentimes challenging to switch providers if you have television, internet, phone service, and home security through one central location. 
  • Unfortunately, Comcast has a negative reputation in regards to the customer service they provide.


Reaching Xfinity representatives that are capable of providing assistance seems to be one of the most prominent issues customers have when using the service, diminishing their experience altogether. 


Overall Thoughts on Comcast Xfinity’s Home Security

While Xfinity offers a solid platform for traditional home security, it falls flat on impressing customers and keeping them satisfied with current overpriced service rates. Long-term commitments that are required upon signing on with Comcast can cause irritation and frustration over time, especially with rising rates over the competition who even wave installation fees and setup charges. For those interested in high-performance, reliability, and excellent customer service, there are alternative options available for any sized household. 

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