Comcast Corporation, a global telecommunications conglomerate with revenues of $84.5 billion (2017), is the parent company of Xfinity. Xfinity provides services in the cable and internet marketplaces, but also offers home security/automation services using its existing wireless broadband network.


Each Xfinity home security system includes:

  • Motion sensors
  • Sensor alerts to notify you
  • A wireless keypad that allows you to send an alert to local authorities, confirm the system’s status and to disarm or arm the security system.
  • A touchscreen controller that allows you to control your home security system with just a touch.

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1st Thing to Know

Xfinity is designed to allow you to monitor and control the security system from your easy chair. In fact, with Xfinity X1 or with X1 Remote, the entire home security system can be controlled through a television in your home. The security system even responds to voice commands through the X1 Remote service. Additional features that can be added to your security system include, Round-the-Clock video recording with storage that holds up to 10 days of footage. The video recordings are priced at $9.95 per camera.

Xfinity home security systems utilize advanced technology which includes remote thermostat control, touch screen keypads that are wireless and video monitoring from a mobile device.

2nd Thing to Know

Xfinity home security systems are compatible with existing security equipment. Therefore, if you currently have a home security system that is not an Xfinity system, but would be interested in switching to Xfinity,  they can modify the existing equipment to operate with the confines of their security software. This possibility should considered a money saver because you will not have to purchase brand new equipment should you choose to make the switch. All that is required is for Xfinity technicians to certify your current home security equipment, so an upgrade can be made using the latest technology. However, while not needing new equipment,  this security system requires you to utilize Xfinity Internet (for the basic models) or Xfinity Internet and cable bundles for the more complicated systems.

3rd Thing to Know

Xfinity home security systems offer numerous home automation options, including notifications sent in real-time. Home automation allows you to know if a) the Dog Walker arrived or b) the kids got home from school safely, among other daily tasks.

Xfinity home security systems allow you to preset alerts should certain predetermined events occur. For example, an alert can be sent when the windows and doors are opened. The sophistication of the Xfinity’s service and equipment allows you to customize preferences based upon your or your family’s specific schedules.

Pay Attention!

When you are considering a purchase of a home security system, it is imperative to review the benefits of the security system as well as the disadvantages. If you are considering Xfinity as your home security system, remember to include the following information in your final decision:

  • Xfinity requires you to sign, at a minimum, a two-year agreement irrespective of the package selected. While this 2 year agreement falls below the industry average price, there are still home security services that do not require a contract to be signed.  Initial monthly fees are not locked in for the 2 year contract period, as Xfinity’s service agreement has opening for them to increase the monthly fee at the beginning of the 2nd year. This unknown price increase after the first year is often disruptive to your budget.
  • Xfinity home security services require you to utilize other Xfinity services. At a bare minimum, you must agree to use Xfinity Internet. For the more complicated security systems Xfinity mandates that you purchase its cable bundled package with Internet access.
  • Online reviews of Xfinity, reveal typical complaints about installation, delays, billing and less-than-stellar customer service.

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