When some people check to see if the front yard irrigation is working, they can also check up on the property for burglars — at least those with the Yardian Security Camera and Irrigation Controller. This is an honest Yardian review.

The Yardian product is a large white square with a black stripe down the middle, and it sort of resembles a solar panel. This is the first product on the market to combine lawn maintenance and irrigation with a home security camera offering (real-time video streaming at least). The Yardian is made by Aeon Matrix Inc, a company that was founded by Joseph Tsai in 2014. Tsai has a background in mixed signal design with Ambarella, RealTek, Infineon, and Philips Semiconductors in Silicon Valley.


Aeon Matrix is from the San Francisco Bay Area and Taiwan. They started Yardian via Kickstarter on July 22, 2016, and unfortunately the company did not receive sufficient funding for the campaign. They cancelled the Kickstarter on August 29 of 2016, but Yardian will still be taking the product to market.

With a system as unique as Yardian, combining irrigation and security, how does it work? Is the product worth it?

What’s the Scoop

The Yardian system touts a 12 zone watering capacity irrigation system, and features that have power lines and built in WiFi connectivity. In addition, Yardian incorporates zone profiles and local weather data to automatically come up with the most efficient watering schedule.

Yardian keeps constant watch over the garden, garage, and the front yard. The internet connection is always on and customers can view real time streaming from any location at any hour of the day. It also receives push notifications if the system senses an intruder, or to alert users of the happenings of their irrigation, similar to most other smart home providers that are connected and operated via applications on smart devices. 

Yardian works over the cloud and the system even makes time lapse videos to show you the progress of your home and lawn. The system’s up to date information on cities will also let you know what stage water restrictions are in — if there is one — and alongside precipitation forecasts and rain sensor activities in the neighborhood, watering will be skipped when possible and you’ll never have to pay a ticket for improper water usage. Yardian says they use the same technology that has been used in agriculture and promoted by the US Environmental Protection Agency to save water.

Product Specs

  • Weatherproof
  • Water usage reduction
  • Power-line and WiFi connection
  • Easy installation
  • Optimized watering schedules
  • Local water restriction rule database
  • Night vision camera
  • Protects data with AES 128-bit encryption
  • Plan on having APIs to integrate with other services like IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, and more.

There’s Some Problems 

The product combines with a terminal box (T-Box), which has a 3.6 foot extension cable. This means people will be able to move their Yardian to more ideal locations, but Yardian themselves recommend placing the device in the garage. And in general, since it needs to sit within proximity to the lawn, you’ll be a little limited where you can actually place your device.

One of the main appeals is Yardian’s communication with water restriction databases, but the contact is only available in 28 states, so some users will be left out.


Combining lawn care with home automation is a great idea, and Yardian could likely capitalize on this market, but one of the main problems is that the Yardian system isn’t anywhere near an entire home security setup. It’s a basic camera with motion sensing and push alerts, and as a singular camera with no monitoring or protection of the home, Yardian isn’t going to protect much more than the front yard.

The MSRP for the product was at $299, which is a one time fee, but this money could be better used towards an actual home security system. Additionally, we haven’t actually seen this product on the market yet, so it’s unclear if it will live up the expectations that have been set up (the fact that their Kickstarter was cancelled isn’t the best initial sign either). 

We think Yardian works best for customers who simply want an irrigation system to aid them with their watering and save them from any unnecessary fines due to excess water use. For customers who are looking for a security system that will monitor and protect their home, we suggest looking elsewhere.