Protecting your home and your owned property should always remain a high priority in life, whether you have a family to keep safe or not. With more than 2.5 million burglaries happening in the US each year, investing in a security system is a way to relieve stress and worry regardless of the safety of your neighborhood and surrounding areas. When you are in search of a new home security system, comparing companies and the types of alarm packages they offer is a way to make a decision you feel comfortable and confident in. Yarnell Security is one company that provides an array of security services, but also a few drawbacks that may keep you from moving forward with the provider. 

3 out of 4 homes will be broken into in the next 20 years in the United States. 

Yarnell Security Services and Plans

  • Intrusion and fire protection available
  • Key fobs are available with each standard installation for easier access to property without utilizing a central control panel
  • Window and door sensors help to keep potential burglars away from your home while sending automatic alerts to your smartphone and emergency responders
  • GPS tracking is another feature offered additionally from Yarnell Security
  • Card readers can also be utilized with your security setup for quick access to your home or the property you have your security system installed in 


Short Warranty

Unfortunately, all new customers of Yarnell Security are offered a short one-year warranty on any new installation they have selected. A one-year warranty only guarantees that your security cameras and the central unit will work for one year. After the year is up, you are either able to pay for further protection (more than $100 annually) or you will be held responsible for any repair and upgrade fees you incur with the current security equipment and access panels you have installed throughout your home. With a short one-year warranty, it can quickly add to your overall monthly fees once your initial year has passed. 

Lack of Cost Transparency

Yarnell Security does not showcase information about specific plans, fees, or other costs that are required upfront to potential customers and long-term clients. Instead, each individual who has an interest in home security for their property is required to obtain a quote to gain more insight into the total costs of the plan they are interested in with Yarnell Security. If you are unsure of the budget you have available to spend on home security, consider a more transparent option before signing a new contract with Yarnell Security that may keep you locked in for years.


If you are looking for complete transparency and no hidden service fees, consider reaching out to Protect America. ProtectAmerica offers an array of security equipment options without charging installation fees or hidden costs for our customers. To get your free quote and to learn more about the protection we have to offer for you, visit today.