Yarnell Security isn’t as common of a name as ADT or other large security companies, but many people like what it has to offer. According to online reviews, most people are happy with the service they get. But like any alarm company there are some complaints — most of them being about the price of the monitoring or the difficulty in canceling the contract. Homeowners who decide the service and company aren’t for them, and who want to get out of their contracts, are generally the most vocal when things go wrong, because Yarnell doesn’t make it easy or intuitive to get a contract canceled. Many of their competitors are the same way.


What People Say About Yarnell Security

For the most part, people seem to like Yarnell Security. The majority of people who are happy with their service don’t post reviews, so people who are reviewing the company are — more often than not — people who just don’t like the company for one reason or another. There are plenty of reasons why a homeowner may not like a specific company, and Yarnell is no exception. There are some complaints about a number of aspects of the business, but what bothers one homeowner may not bother another one. Because everyone is different, it’s important to consider specific needs and wants when looking at reviews. If the issues someone else has won’t affect that particular homeowner, the complaint the other person has isn’t really relevant.

Not All Homeowners Need the Same Things

Because every homeowner is different, it’s important to focus on specific needs. These could include:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • reliability of service
  • fast response times
  • newer, high-end equipment

But there may also be other factors that a homeowner will want to consider, including the price of the system, the installation, and the monthly monitoring. Some homeowners also don’t want long contract periods, or they want to be sure they can cancel without an excessive level of hassle and fees. With Yarnell Security, the biggest complaints were about canceling the contract. That’s something every homeowner will want to keep in mind, but it’s important to note that these complaints are virtually the same for every security company, as many of them seem problematic where canceling a contract is concerned.


Is Another Company a Better Choice?

When deciding whether the reviews of Yarnell are going to shy a homeowner away from contracting with them, it’s important to look into whether another monitored home security company may be a better choice.

While all home security companies are similar in the main aspects of what they offer, they aren’t all the same when it comes to their quality and value.

Because of that, comparing companies and making sure the right one is chosen can be a very important way to be sure the company that’s selected will make the homeowner happy for the long term.

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