Yarnell Security Services is a home security company that has been in business for close to 50 years. They provide complete security systems and 24/7 monitoring for home and business customers throughout the central Pennsylvania area. Yarnell Security Services are a family owned business that claims to cater to their customers as much as possible. However, one thing they really fall short on is affordability. Additionally, their contract is very short compared to their warranty length. For a company that claims to be so interested in customer needs, they seem like they’re only interested in a short-term relationship. With affordability and accessibility high on the list for qualities of a good home security company, there are much better companies out there. 


Affordable Home Security

Affordability is a highly coveted characteristic when searching for the right home security company. They offer new customers a variety of packages with various equipment and costs to suit their specific needs. Yarnell charges a base package rate of $36.95 a month in addition to a very high up-front fee. They can do both landline and cellular monitoring for different up-front fees. For example:

  • Landline up-front costs are $299
  • Cellular up-front costs are $399


Each package comes with:

  • Honeywell Lynx control panel with a siren
  • 3 door/window sensors
  • 1 motion sensor
  • 1 key fob

As you can see, Yarnell uses Honeywell equipment. While Honeywell has definitely made a name for itself, there are some weaknesses that need to be addressed before you finalize your decision in a home security company that uses their products. For example, there have been some complaints about the smart phone integration used by Honeywell. Home management is a feature offered by the most modern home security companies through apps that allow remote access, text alerts, home automation, and live feeds. Honeywell uses an app called “Total Connect” that offers home management through your smart phone or computer. Honeywell’s Total Connect app has recently added features, but is still playing catch-up in terms of overall practicality and approval. On the other hand, all Simon XT monitoring systems come with Alarm.com. Alarm.com has been on the market longer than any other remote access app and is considered a more robust option. Consider a more affordable option, like Protect America. At Protect America, the Simon XT is included in any package.

Contract & Warranty

All Yarnell contracts are 60 months long. This is an extremely long time compared to most home security contracts. For example, 36 months is generally what most companies choose to set their minimum contracts lengths at, like Protect America. The worst part of it is that Yarnell only includes a 1-year warranty on their home security packages. For a contract that is 5 years long, why would anyone buy into a home security company that doesn’t guarantee their products working for the length of time you’ll be paying for them? Yarnell may lower their contract length for those who wish to pay higher monthly monitoring fees.

Yarnell does offer a warranty extension for $97 a year. We think that’s pretty ridiculous. Did you know Protect America offers lifetime warranties?

If you’re looking for a great value, Protect America offers some of the lowest pricing in the market for quality security solutions. In fact, we offer more free alarm equipment than any other company out there. Monthly monitoring starts with the Copper Package at $19.99. Start-up equipment is free, making it easy for you to safeguard your home and family. The difference between us is that we offer you the equipment free of charge with a lifetime warranty. That’s a guarantee that all your security needs will be met!


The Bottom Line

Most people are looking for the best deal out there without having to compromise their safety in the process. Besides the fact that Yarnell only services the central Pennsylvania area, there are other options out there that can meet all of your needs. Protect America is a great representation of affordable yet quality home security services. We service all 50 states so there won’t be any trouble if you decide to move. If you choose to go with a company like Protect America, you’ll get a lifetime warranty with the Simon XT. The bottom line is: it would be unwise to choose a product that isn’t guaranteed to work for even a quarter of your contract length.