Yelp! offers an open platform for people to leave reviews about places like restaurants, bars, and various local establishments or businesses. In the home security industry, you can find local home security dealers in different cities. Such as ADT, they have various ADT locations, and dealers in different locations who actually sell ADT products but are their own company. This post breaks down the Yelp best home security companies.


Protect America Yelp! Reviews

With Protect America, we actually only have one Yelp location which is located at 3800 Quick Hill Rd. Austin, Texas 78728. Unfortunately we do not have various location dealers around the country so we do not have other reviews other than the ones on our main page. We had an old location that simply is just not up to date and carries obscure reviews with no contact info. If you look at our Yelp! page currently there are no reviews because Yelp!’s system has filtered them all.

Yelp has a very strict and a somewhat unjust way of approving reviews and filtering them. Although we check to see all customers who leave reviews and try to find them, at times their account with a limited amount of information such as only a name and a location make it difficult to be able to track down the customers. A lot of times we are able to find the customers, and sometimes we cannot find any customer by that name in that location. It’s pretty unfortunate because a lot of times if it is a negative review, we always make it a point to respond and get into contact with that customer to make sure everything is okay or to fix any issues.

We highly recommend using Angie’s List for reviews. They always make the person who reviews leave there contact information so the company who is being reviewed has a chance to contact that person directly. Also, our testimonials page is also a great reference to see what our customers are actually saying.

How To Find The Best Home Security Companies on Yelp

So you may be wondering if Yelp filters good reviews and approves only a mixed amount of reviews, which are actually true, and how do you as a researching customer find the right home security company?

Well that’s fairly easy. Call into the home security company, ask questions, read the contract, and know what the home security company is about. It’s a very easy process that we provide our customers and future customers with.


Protect America

At Protect America we like to make everything as transparent as possible. The products we offer are plain to see on our website with the type of packages we offer. Also, our contract is made clear to all customers or inquiring customers. It’s also re-read to our customers after signing up. We make sure to let all customers know to test their system every month, let them know we offer a lifetime warranty free and on all equipment; also what our cancellation procedures are in case of not needing the equipment anymore.

Protect America currently has no reviews on Yelp! on our real location, and 3 filtered 4 to 5 star reviews. We wish Yelp! would be of more accurate when it comes to portraying our company. I can almost assure all other home security companies have the same problem.

For more information on how to secure your home or about our security products, feel free to give us a call at the number above, or simply fill out the blue form on the right. We have security experts that will answer all your questions and make sure your home gets secured at an affordable price.