The cost effectiveness of any security system depends on meeting the needs of the end user. It is important to get thorough comparision of services evaluating upfront and hidden costs abd cost effectively protecting your loved ones and resources.  Not all security systems are equal in performance and cost.  If you are interested in high performance, reasonably priced security systems, use the comparison tool


Ackerman Security Equipment and Protection  has a low entry price of $19.95 and that cost is only one cost to be considered when purchasing a security system.Does the system provide landline or wireless monitering?  Ackerman requires landline which does not provide optimal security as well as a possible additional landline cost.  Also, is a move in your future?  Ackerman serves a limited geographical area   After purchasing Ackerrman Systems, customers often need to add on services such as cellular protection and other upgrades. The overall cost of the Ackerman System can escalate quickly  and there are other companies which provide these upgrades at reduced or no cost.

Some additional costs to be sure you compare when looking at Ackerman System costs are:

  • Installation costs can be quite expensive ($1000+) and for most,  who no longer use landlines, will include the landline cost each month.
  • If you move out of area, the contract is not automatically cancelled.
  • You may incur cancellation fee if carrier is changed.
  • Ackerman maintenance costs show higher on comparison charts.
  • If integration with smart phones and automation is desired, it can be done with Ackerman, but it is an additonal charge.
  • A 12 month contract is required.


Many companies offer low basic services and upsell. It can be beneficial to take a look at a good checklist. Go item by item calculating  the true cost o fthe security system.  After all, once you get your system and enjoy the security and benefits, it is only natural that you will want to take advantage of all the bells and whistles that truly improve your family and property security at a reasonable cost.  It can all be done and innovation is increasing each day.  Just make sure that your choice begins by doing your research.  By the way, monitored systems are much more effective than systems like cameras that record the data that is seen later when it is too late to get help.  Once you have your checklist, get quotes on exactly what it is that you are looking for. Interested in monitored home security. Get a free quote from Protect America.