Home tech products have revolutionized our lives. From cameras, light bulbs, to crock pots, vacuum cleaners, and more, technology has made our lives easier and our homes smarter and safer. This is even more amazing when we look back at our lives 50 years ago! Technological devices for the home are becoming more popular by the minute and Z-Wave hubs are no exception. Automation enables us to exercise control over our homes, even when we are not in residence. We can unlock the door, turn on the home alarm, and even turn off the lights in the kitchen with a mobile device.


What is Z-Wave?

Z Wave is a wireless system for communication between devices that is mostly used in the home automation market. You may not be aware of it, but it is likely that all the devices in your home are operating in different languages. Z Wave forces them to all to operate on one language which allows them to talk to each other, and to your chosen hub. Z Wave devices transmit a signal, much like any wireless device and they give commands.

What is a Z-Wave Hub?

The hub is the place where everything hooks up. It is the access point for the user devices. For example, you can tell your hub that, whenever you unlock your front door with your smartphone, you want it to turn on the heater. This means that the house will be getting warm and you are not paying to control the temperature when you are away from home.

Z Wave hubs on the Market

There are many great Z Wave hubs on the Market, including the following:

Samsung Smartthings

The Samsung Hub has a dynamic processor and 512mb of RAM. Some hubs require a subscription fee or a contract, but the Samsung SmartThings hub does not require either one.

It does, however, need an Ethernet connection because Samsung has a battery backup. With an Ethernet connection and a battery backup, Samsung’s SmartThings hub can run some automation for ten to twelve hours after experiencing a loss of power. This can be especially important if you live in a cold or rainy climate

The application for controlling the Samsung hub is extremely easy to use. It allows you to control your devices from a distance with the use of a cell phone. Samsung’s hub is a great choice. It is compatible with many things we routinely use every day.

Wink 2 Z-Wave Hub

The Wink 2 hub is compatible with almost every protocol on the market. It’s a great choice for a casual user who just wants to automate a few things around the house, or for the more serious user who may want to tinker a bit to see how far they can go with home automation.

Nexia offers an interesting hub for those of you who are looking to control their Z Wave devices. In appearance it reminds one of the early wireless routers, but it is much more powerful than most wireless routers. The Nexia BR100 Bridge can control more than a few devices at once.

Like a few other hubs, Nexia BR100 Bridge requires that you get a subscription, but it’s a trade-off for excellent customer service.

If you just need a simple hub that works with Z Wave compatible devices, this may be a good choice for you.

Logitech Z-Wave Hub

Logitech is a company that you probably know better for being the guys who made the first mouse or USB keyboard you ever bought.

Logitech has expanded dramatically the and the Logitech hub is capable of operating most devices that run off of the Z Wave, especially entertainment systems. If you want to have a lot of control over your entertainment devices, this is the hub for you.


Household Interference?

Z Wave devices transmit on a frequency not commonly used for household devices. In most cases, Z Wave will not interfere with other devices that emit a signal because it does not put out a signal at the usual frequency.

So, if you’re looking for a great hub to get your home automation projects synchronized, the above options will give you a place to start. Do your research. The more you learn, the better you will be able to find the device that meets your needs.

Monitored Systems

Monitored security systems are observed by a professional security company. When the system discovers an emergency, it notifies the home security company and/or emergency responders.

Remember, there are many great Z Wave hubs on the Market. Check them out. Do your research. The more you learn, the better you will be able to find the device that meets your needs.

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