When a homeowner is looking for the right system for home automation and security, they need to find the technology that’s going to work for them. Two of the most popular options are Z-Wave and Zigbee. Both of these do similar things and both are popular, but they aren’t the same. The main differences are that Zigbee is used for home automation and a smart grid, while Z-Wave is used for home automation and security. Homeowners who want a security and home automation system that’s tied together will generally need to use Z-Wave to get what they want.


Those who are only looking for smart home options but aren’t as interested in security — or already have that in place in some other way — can use Zigbee successfully and probably get all they want out of what the technology offers. That’s important, since every homeowner will want to focus on the things that they need the most in their system. The technology they need to have for that system will differ depending on the homeowner, and whether Z-Wave or Zigbee is the best idea is something that only the homeowner — with possible security company guidance — can decide.

What Does Z-Wave Offer?

Z-Wave offers a high level of technology to operate both smart home automation and security systems. The technology can allow a homeowner to operate one or the other, but it can also handle both. That’s part of the reason why it’s so valuable to homeowners and security and automation companies today. The other reason that people like it so much is because it offers a high level of value for the cost of it.

It provides a good quality experience, and it allows for homeowners who want to have security and automation systems in their homes and businesses.


Not everyone needs Z-Wave, and not everyone is a fan of the technology. One of the problems with the technology is that it’s not automatically encrypted. The only way to encrypt it is to change settings in it to add additional protection, because it doesn’t come encrypted the right way from the beginning. That can leave a homeowner vulnerable to having their system hacked, changed, and even damaged.

What Is Zigbee, Really?

With a home security system, having peace of mind matters. Additionally, most people link these systems to automation systems, too. But that can’t be done with Zigbee, because that not a platform that’s designed to focus on security. Instead, it handles smart home grid and automation system features. These are all important, but they don’t allow for the tie in that a lot of homeowners like. For homeowners who don’t need this link, though, Zigbee can be a great choice because it offers reliable technology that homeowners can appreciate. And that can also help them have comfort and convenience as they work to automate their home.

Should a Homeowner Work With an Alarm Company?

One of the ways a homeowner can get the best technology to help them have good home automation and security is to work with a security company. The homeowner should also look for a company that offers:

  • ease of equipment installation
  • strong customer service and support
  • 24/7 monitoring capabilities
  • fast alarm response times
  • newer, modern equipment options

All of those things matter when finding a security company. It’s important that every homeowner gets the technology they need to have peace of mind, convenience, comfort, and a high level of safety. With Z-Wave or Zigbee technology, homeowners can get what they’re looking for, based on their needs.

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