Home security cameras seem to come in all shapes and sizes, as well as prices. As home automation continues to expand the field of DIY security cameras, prices continue to vary more drastically. It can be difficult to decide which of these home security cameras is the right choice for you and more importantly, what the right price is. Although there are plenty of high-prices cameras that will offer you more than you can image, there are still a few affordable cameras that will get the job done. In this Zmodo Pivot review, we will cover the cameras features, as well as flaws, to help you make the right decision for your home’s security.



The Zmodo Pivot offers plenty of features that make it competitive with most other DIY security cameras in its class and even some features that separate itself. It has a clear picture with a 1080p high-definition resolution and night vision capabilities. With a built-in Bluetooth speaker and microphone, the Pivot is capable of two-way conversations and is even equipped with temperature and humidity sensors. The Pivot itself can actually be used as a central hub for a complete DIY security system. With the purchase of the Pivot, two battery-powered door and window sensors are included. The camera can even be programed to rotate in the direction of a sensor that was triggered. Although the Pivot only offers an average 135-degree field of view, it’s not actually limited to just that.

The most important feature of the Pivot is its pan and tilt capabilities. With sensors on top of the camera that surround it entirely, the Pivot is able to pick-up motion that is happening even outside of the cameras 135-degree view. This means that if a person is walking near the camera but not in front of the lens itself, the camera will pivot in the direction of the person to capture what is happening, rightfully earning its name. So, while most other cameras are only able to capture what is occurring in their field of view, even with motion-sensors, the Pivot is able to monitor an entire room.


The Zmodo Pivot automatically comes with 16GB of internal storage and also 36 hours of free cloud storage. If you want more cloud storage however, purchasing a security plan is required. For $4.99 a month, the 7-Day plan offers 7 days of continuous cloud recording as well as 7 days of alert clip storage. Similarly, for $9.99 the 30-Day plan offers customers 30 days of continuous cloud recording and 30 days of alert clip storage. If you choose to purchase a plan on a yearly basis rather than monthly, you would save $10 with the 7-Day plan at $49.90 and $99.90 for the 30-Day plan, saving $20. Unfortunately, these plans only cover a single camera. If you wish to have cloud storage for more than just one camera, you are required to pay for a separate plan for each camera. They do however offer 50% off for any additional camera after the first plan is purchased. These additional storage fees contradict the draw of a DIY security camera. While customers may prefer to pay an up-front cost for the equipment to avoid monthly fees, that is exactly what they will inevitably be paying if they plan on properly protecting their home.



The Zmoto Pivot offers customers essentially all of the features any other DIY security camera does but for nearly half the price. At $84.99, the Pivot is a bargain, especially when considering the two door and window sensors it comes with. It’s 360-degree field of view is what truly separates itself from its competition. The cloud storage plans however are definitely a draw-back. The point of a DIY security system is to try and avoid monthly fees but if you plan on properly protecting your home, additional storage is almost required. Alternatively, there are professionally-monitored home security companies that offer free equipment. This way, you can save money on not having to purchase the equipment while not having to worry about self-monitoring a system or extra storage.

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