Zmodo is known for its line of surveillance cameras and video products that help homeowners remotely monitor their property. With nearly 8 million of its products leaving the shelves since the company’s launch in 2009, Zmodo can certainly boast of success in making a name for itself, particularly in the surveillance camera sector.  Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering a remotely monitored home security system from Zmodo.


Smart Wireless Home Kits

Zmodo’s home product line offers consumers a variety of options when it comes to cameras and video storage. Its line of interior and exterior smart cameras are designed to work in combination seamlessly. Customers can monitor their homes remotely, no matter the size, with a choice of multiple cameras and channels. If you are looking to purchase a complete home security kit from Zmodo, consider their connected, video-enabled doorbells, along with a Wi-Fi enabled indoor/outdoor multi-camera system and video recorder. To add interior security to your package, Zmodo offers robotic, single-room cameras that come fully equipped with smart features and onboard storage.

Zmodo’s home security products are managed and monitored either by app or web interface. You can remotely stream video that has been stored on the device as well as any video stored out on Zmodo’s optional cloud storage service. With the playback option, you can watch days or even weeks of stored video directly from your device. Unlike some services, there is not an additional monthly fee to access stored video. Installation is extra and does not include any damage that needs to be repair following the install process.

Camera Features

Well-known for its professional surveillance cameras, Zmodo has moved into the remotely monitored home security market. The company emphasizes the sharpness of its camera’s live views. Systems include recording and playback, so customers don’t have to miss any views when away from their mobile device.

Zmodo’s home security cameras and home security features include:

  • Easy connection to Wi-Fi
  • Wide-angle coverage
  • 720p HD, offering clear views up to 30 ft., even in low light
  • 105-degree field of view, eliminating the need for multiple cameras or panning to capture a room


Choosing the Best System

While it offers quality camera and video recording functionality, a Zmodo system is still a remotely monitored home security option. That puts the burden of your home’s security squarely with you. What happens if you miss an alert? What if your Wi-Fi fails? A home security system is an important safety consideration for your property and choosing one is a critical decision.  The website Safewise even includes checking for a home security system on its list of critical safety issues to consider when buying a new home:

“A home security system can help give you peace of mind as a new homebuyer. ..If this isn’t already installed in the home you purchase, don’t hesitate to call and get one installed. This can help you secure your home right away.”

Whether buying a new home or looking for a system to suit your existing one, remotely monitored systems offer only limited capabilities no matter the quality of the equipment. In the end, you are reliant upon your own ability to monitor your home. In contrast, a professionally monitored security system provides peace of mind and removes the personal burden of watching for alerts by automatically alerting authorities in case of an emergency. Companies like Protect America keep families safe by monitoring homes 24/7 and responding right away to emergencies.

Protect America provides its customers with locked-in rates starting at only $30 per month and up to $1,400 worth of equipment at no cost, while letting you avoid the installation fees you would have with a DIY remotely monitored system. If you think professionally monitored home security is the choice for you, get a free quote from Protect America today.