The most affordable deal in home security, and number one ranked company by Best, and Top Consumer Review now integrates with Amazon Echo devices. Protect America customers can take their connected home security systems to the next level by adding voice control through Amazon’s Alexa platform.


Alexa is the intelligent personal assistant that accompanies Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot. Similar to Siri on an Apple smartphone, Alexa is capable of taking voice commands to play music, set alarms, stream podcasts, provide weather and traffic updates, real-time information like news alerts, and control smart home devices.

The Echo devices are both hands-free and voice-controlled. There are a few differences between the Echo and Echo Dot, notably their sizes. The Echo stands at 9.3 inches tall, while the Echo Dot sits at 1.5 inches. The Echo Dot also has a smaller speaker, but its speaker is designed to simply be loud enough to hear an alarm. The Echo Dot can also be connected to another speaker with an audio cable, while an Echo can not. For more info regarding the differences between the devices, see a breakdown here.

We’re excited to announce this new partnership, another step towards giving our customers the best in affordable home security and smart home technology.

About Protect America

Protect America is one of the nation’s top security companies. For 25 years we have protected close to half a million homes. For the last three years Protect America has been ranked in the Top 10 in volume of residential security system installations according to industry expert SDM Magazine.


We began as a small Austin, Texas, based security provider in 1992. Since then, our self-install business model quickly grew from local to national with hundreds of thousands of homes secured across all 50 states and Canada. Our DIY (do-it-yourself) approach to security was one of the first of its kind in the industry, influencing how home security companies across the entire space build their products.

Protect America’s aim is to provide cutting-edge technology, home automation, and life safety products to all of our customers, accompanied with our goal of providing home security to every home in the country. Despite our rapid growth and success, we have maintained our humble beginnings and attitude of protecting, “Every customer, every time.”