Juana Martinez is a trainer on our General Care team at Protect America. She began as a Care Representative before growing into her current role, where she trains our staff to better assist you, the customer. Juana has been with Protect America for almost two and half years, though “it doesn’t feel like it,” she says, because of how much she’s enjoyed her time here.

Juana is originally from Rioverde, San Luis Potosícity, a small city in Mexico. She came to the United States when she was three-years-old and was raised in Dallas, Texas. She’s a native Spanish speaker. Due to her abilities as a bilingual communicator, she has become an integral part of the Care team, and the go-to for our Spanish speaking customers. If you’re a Spanish speaker, it’s likely that you’ve had a call with Juana.

A Chat with Juana

We sat down to chat about her role at Protect America, her experiences on the phone, how being the victim of a break-in shapes her view of home security, and why she believes every customer should be protected:

Q. What customer problems do you help with?

Mainly the technical support side or anything account related. Our calls can be about a number of things. Sometimes customers just want to install sensors into their panels.

A. Do you ever step away from training to fulfill Care department functions?

If we’re not training we still take phone calls to brush up our skills. Actually, this morning there was a Spanish call while we were in middle of training. I had to stop to take the call.

Do you have any favorite stories or memories from your phone calls? 

Since a lot of my customers are Spanish speakers, I always remember them. I speak to them the most.

Last week I had a Spanish customer and I ended up being on the phone for an hour and a half. We became comrades (Spanish for pals). We were like BFF’s on that phone call. She reminded me a lot of my mom. She started talking about her husband and her family and I could see my family in her. Before we knew it, we weren’t even talking about work anymore. It turned into a personal conversation. She told me she she has visited my hometown of Rio Verde, San Luis Potosícity, which is a really small town in Mexico.

What else did you guys talk about?

She had a Simon 3 panel and I told her about the updated XTi model. She said her husband still has a flip phone, so if she came home with an XTi he would freak out. It made me laugh because my dad is the same way. I still have to teach him how to use his iPhone and I lose my patience. It was a cute call towards the end of the day. After work I went home and called my mom to tell her I talked to a woman who reminded me of her. It was very nice.

How do Spanish speakers react when they talk to you?

They’re happy. They’re very grateful to hear from someone who can speak with them in Spanish. This particular woman said she was very happy to have someone. I think on our end, it’s just a matter of how we respond to that too. We’re like “Hey, I’m here, let’s get you taken care of.”

Does it feel special to fulfill this role? 

Yeah, definitely. Spanish is my first language. I was born in Mexico, so growing up I was the one calling companies, calling call centers for my parents. Even to this day I don’t live in the same city as my parents and my mom will call me and ask me to call companies for her when she can’t figure things out.

For me it means a lot. I can’t not not help a Spanish speaking customer if I have the chance, because I would hate to see my mom struggle or not have someone to talk to. It’s rewarding for me.

Why is home security important to you?

It’s really important to be able to protect a home. You never know what’s in someone’s home, or what reason they have to be protected. I’ve heard calls where the customer is worried or extreme situations with stalkers.

Whenever I was younger, my family was broken into by a family friend. We were broken into three times, and all three times it was by that same person. Afterwards we got a home security system. Every time I hear a break-in call, it reminds me that you never know what could happen and why you always want to be protected.

What would you like others to know about home security?

Home security is an investment. Even if you’re in safe neighborhood, bad things can happen.

The last time my parents were broken into we had the home security system. My mom had just bought a big screen TV, so that specific time the only thing the burglars took was the TV. In comparison to the first two times they broke in and went into each and every room of our house and took my valuables, my sister’s valuables, and my brothers valuables.

It was horrible that we we lost one thing, but it was something that we could replace. What stopped the burglars was the siren. They heard the alarm system so they only had time to get to the living room. They grabbed the TV but didn’t have time for anything else. One small thing like a siren can make a huge difference

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