Nestled in-between Austin and Round Rock, Protect America is one of the nation’s top providers in home security with a 25 year history of giving customers the best in home security and automation at an affordable price. Since our inception we have protected over half a million homes and counting.

Currently 15% of the population has a working alarm system. We’re aiming to provide home security to every homeowner in the nation. This means we need YOU to join our team.

A Rich History 

Protect America began as a small Austin, Texas, based security provider in 1992. Since then our self-install home security business model has quickly grown from local to national, with homes secured across all 50 states and Canada. We give customers the convenience of state-of-the-art security and automation products, along with GPS, and additional safety and surveillance devices.

For the last three years we have been ranked in the Top 10 in volume according to SDM Magazine. We’ve even been ranked the number one home security company in the industry by,, and Top Consumer Reviews.

As one of the fastest growing home security companies in the nation. We use cutting-edge technology to provide our customers with instantaneous support and 24-hour protection for their homes and families.

What Jobs Are Available at Protect America?

As a national provider in home security, a number of different jobs are housed at our headquarters that help drive our mission of protecting homes and families.

Protect America, employment departments include:

  • General Care
  • Installations
  • Sales
  • Retention
  • Collections
  • Returns
  • Account Services
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Business Development

We have a positive, energetic, and enthusiastic work atmosphere. Our employees are excited to come into work, and we host various employee events, activities, and team-building opportunities throughout the year. All of this with the added bonus of having the opportunity to save homes and families.

Courtney, a Senior Supervisor summed up the mission of Protect America best:

“I love my job because I am able to give people the security and the peace of mind that they deserve and need. I’m so happy to be a part of this organization and be able to protect families. I genuinely care. Being able to possibly save a life, I get a rush from that every single day.”

And Alan, the Facility Coordinator at Protect America summed up our culture best:

“After three months of working here, you’re basically family with everyone. New people that come might be shy at first, but you get to know everyone, no matter what side of the building you’re on. It’s pretty cool. Everyone here is tight knit and works with each other to make things better. It makes the job and day go by quicker. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like I’m at work for anything more than a few hours. It feels like everything’s clicking. And whenever the day’s done it’s like, oh man, it’s time to leave?”

Why Should You Join Our Team?

It isn’t every day that you have the opportunity to work with a passionate, excited, and eager team that has a mission that goes further than the aim of most businesses. Unlike a retailer or wholesaler, Protect America exists to provide families with home security and the peace of mind that ordinary every-day products don’t provide. At Protect America, you’ll be a part of a mission that impacts real people and real lives.

Plus the added bonus – Protect America is located in North Austin. Our employees have access to the beautiful city that we know as Texas’ state capitol.

Most importantly, one of our core values is “You Grow, We Grow.” This mentality is showcased throughout our entire company. We don’t simply want to grow our team, but we want to see our employees thrive and grow into bigger and better roles with Protect America. We encourage and provide an environment for continual growth and progress.

Are you ready to join the team? See openings on our career page. 

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