Phones are ringing, voices are chatting, and energy flows through the call floor. Tim Bezenah watches as members of Protect America’s sales department work toward equipping customers with home security, but at the same time, the team members are working for each other. This is unique for a sales department of any company, notably one of this size.

Tim walks back toward his office. He’s worked the same sales phones at Protect America before. He began his career here. At the end of May of 2009, Tim didn’t have a home. He was sleeping on the couch of a friend, and everything he owned was placed in the back of his pick-up truck. But while possessions may not have been rampant, opportunity at Protect America was. His new career at Protect America would provide a launching pad for Tim to establish his career.

In the years since, Tim has worked his way toward VP of Sales for Protect America. He worked stints on the sales floor as an assistant manager before receiving a promotion toward sales manager, followed by a director role, then a brief stint with the Care department to help their team with internal needs. In late 2014, Tim was promoted to VP of sales, where he serves today.

Tim is a diligent leader. With a billowing size, he commands a presence, but he serves the role of motivator and captain more than that of boss. He played college football, and his background leans towards building camaraderie and a team environment. He often motivates his team with sports analogies and inserting energy throughout his messages. The method seems to work. Tim has built a cohesive, organized and connected team.

Protect America has offered Tim various opportunities to grow. He now serves as VP of the Sales Department.

An Organically Crafted, Connected Sales Team

The Protect America sales division does not operate like a traditional call center. It has the feel of an outside sales environment, more driven by camaraderie and teamwork. A new sales team member can sit next to veterans and they’ll receive ample amounts of help. This is unique. Most inside sales groups are competitive environments where sales members aren’t willing to help each other out.

In outside sales, reps will help other salesmen, because they are each working different territories. This is not common in inside sales, because salesmen are often working with the same leads. It would make sense for members of an inside sales team to be guarded and less forthcoming, but this is not the case with Protect America team members. Protect America team members are the first to give suggestions, feedback, or even hop on the phone to help a coworker through their calls with customers.

Tim knows that he can place a new team member near any of the veterans and they will be eager to help. “It’s unique that way,” he says. “They are more than willing to help someone along, develop them, and give them advice.”

Tim believes that this is because of how Protect America hires. The company aims to hire people that will fit into the environment, those that are amiable and good at making connections. “If you hire a bunch of people that are connectors, then they all kind of connect with each other and it creates that type of environment. It’s kind of organic. Nothing is really mandated,” Tim says.

Outside of sales managers, there are no team leader roles. No one on Protect America’s sales team is paid extra money to help a new team member. This happens organically, which produces great results for the company.

Since beginning his career on a friend’s couch, Tim has grown into a leadership role with Protect America. He aims to nourish the same opportunities for employees.

A Launching Pad for a Sales Career

When Tim began his career at Protect America, while sleeping on his friend’s couch, he needed a launching pad. He sought an opportunity that would allow him to establish his career and set him up for future success. He found both at Protect America.

The other important and unique detail Tim found at Protect America is the opportunity to be around the success of other people. “They’re growing and changing,” he says. “You see people come in that really didn’t have a ton and get to a position where they are really stable, and it’s pretty cool.”

Tim’s built a role at Protect America as a leader that allows him to help nourish these types of opportunities for his team. These are the kinds of stories he finds at Protect America, the bridge that launches many employees—in sales and other departments—toward future success.

To do well at Protect America, a team member must be interested in other people’s stories. Successful team members are the type of people who go to a movie for a complicated plot or are drawn to season long television dramas for the story arch and development. “If you like to learn about other people and their situations, this a great job for you,” Tim says. “Because that’s really what the job is.”

This approach serves Protect America’s larger mission, to protect homes and families. The selling that takes place is done within that larger purpose, and employees must be able to do the investigative research to understand the needs of every customer.

Of all sales team members that have been with Protect America for more than 90 days, the average tenure is 3.9 years. This is a great retention rate for a sales job and call center. When most employees move on, they move on to roles they could have not have obtained without their experience at Protect America.

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