Phones are buzzing and Protect America installers are speaking with customers to direct them through the do-it-yourself, home security installation process. It’s early in the morning and Installations Manager, Matt Gingras, is huddling with a group of installers to start the day.

Matt’s talking to the team about wins they had the day before. This is one way he injects positive energy at the beginning of the day. Other times he plays music or compliments team members on jobs well done. As the leader of the Installations Team, it’s Matt’s job to make sure they have all the tools they need to succeed.

Tools to Succeed

Protect America installers walk customers through the installation process. They help customers whose ages usually range from eight to eighty-years-old, but last week Matt helped a customer that was 93-years-old.

Every step of the installation process is guided by our installers: including making sure the system is functioning and customers know how it’s used once they hang up the phone.

The process begins by emailing customers a tutorial video. Following the video the Installations Team connects with customers. They ask a few questions and proceed with the installation process.

Customers are guided on how to hang up the first handful of security products. Once installers know that they have the concept down, they’re free to go forward with the process for the remaining items. Installers re-connect with the customer once the process is completed.

This small window while customers hang products gives our Installations Team time to look for the next account, or help other customers that are starting their install. Through this process our team installs over 1600 systems over the phone a month, between 55-60 a day.

The process is completed by checking on customers and testing their system to make sure it works. Customers are then taught how to use their system, the mobile app, name their sensors, and any additional questions are answered. The Installations Team closes by welcoming customers to Protect America.

Installations Manager, Matt Gingras, solves every problem that comes his way with a smile and positive attitude.

How Matt Arrived at Protect America

Before coming to Protect America Matt worked in sales and insurance. A friend on the sales team invited him to apply for the company. The sales department didn’t have positions at the time, but Matt was hired on as a security installer.

He worked on the Installations Team for a year and a half until he was hired for a leadership position on the Care team. He went on to work roles with Care, Quality Assurance, and L2 (Level II Technicians, where he learned the technical side of Protect America), before being hired for his current role, the manager of the Installations Department

Matt is personable and interacting with him is easy. He’s often seen in the office talking to coworkers and solving all the problems that come his way, always with a positive attitude and a smile. These are traits Matt brings to his phone calls. Customers are pleased to interact with him, and Matt’s style has trickled down to the rest of the Installations Team.

Protect America Installations

Installations take 45 minutes to an hour, and thanks to the work of Matt and his team, customers find their systems much easier to install than they anticipated. “They leave satisfied at the end result, relieved even,” he says.

A few weeks ago Matt spoke to an older woman who was working on installing door sensors. She wanted to go through the process with a manager. The woman’s husband had recently passed away and it was late in the evening. Matt had her download the app “See It,” which allows people to see what you’re doing on your phone through a live-stream. You can point the camera somewhere and the person on the other end can see what’s happening. We use it at Protect America as a technical guide to better assist our customers.

Through the app, the woman pointed Matt to the doors she was working on. Matt drew on the screen where the sensors needed to be placed, and she understood the process. “Oh my, oh my! I got! I got!” she exclaimed. She was ecstatic and grateful.

The woman lives alone for the first time in her life, and this moment was important for her. The added security gave her a feeling of control over her own protection.

“This story shows that regardless of gender or age, with the right communication tools and some effort, we can help anyone set up their system and teach them how it functions,” Matt says.

Matt Gingras is easy to interact with. A style that he brings and implements with his Installations Team.

Life at Protect America

Matt has been at Protect America for over six years. He’s stayed because of the career opportunity, he’s enjoyed working different sides of the business, and he loves his coworkers and the company culture and environment.

He says that anyone who’s ever worked hard at Protect America and done what’s best for the company has done well. “Anyone who wants to move up can do it,” he says. “It’s not going to be a layup, because you have to work hard, but if you’re willing to be versatile and flexible, the opportunity is here.”

He mentions the Jackman Group leadership training classes that Protect America does as the moments that are most memorable to him, and clear examples of the culture at Protect America.

“That the company is willing to make a major investment in their leadership team is crucial,” he says. “It highlights the growth mentality of Protect America.”

Matt has an entrepreneurial spirit. He’s owned and operated his own business before, and his parents are small business owners. Outside of work he continues to grow through reading, personal finance, and even playing as a musician. In the last year he played over 30 shows in the city of Austin. “I don’t let myself get too comfortable,” he says. He’s always focused on learning and growing.

What Makes Protect America Different

He believes Protect America will continue to grow, and will be an even larger player in the home security industry in the next 10 years.

Matt says Protect America has inspired him. He sees many people who work extremely hard, day in and day out. A lot of his praise goes directly towards the Installations Team that is always willing to concur a goal or challenge. “They chip away at goals until they’re finished. The amount of effort that team puts in is absolutely astounding,” he says.

Knowing at the end of the day that he’s protecting homes and families and allowing people to feel safe matters the most to Matt. “I feel really good about what we do,” he says. “I know that I’ve got a job that supports something positive in the world and helps people.”