Monitoring Cost and Rates for Home Security Companies

Monitoring rates for home security companies refer to the monthly fee that is charged for watching over an alarm system from a central location. Home security companies use central  security monitoring facilities to determine when a home security system has been activated and whether there is need to call the proper authorities. Determining the cost of a home security system can be shockingly complicated. While the product and service are relatively straightforward, many home security companies refuse to clarify their rates and prices. Protect America’s monitoring cost is clearly explained  by the total the cost of ownership of its home security service so customers always know what they’re in for.


Home Security Companies’ Monitoring Rates

Protect America has the most competitive security monitoring costs and rates in the home security industry. When customers choose Protect America, their monitoring rates are locked in. Some companies have language in their contracts that allows them to change rates.

Protect America customers have the peace of mind of knowing their monitoring rates will never increase without their approval. The security system monitoring cost  a customer is quoted will largely depend on the monitoring solution they choose. Most national home security companies (with a few notable exceptions) offer landline, cellular, and broadband monitoring. Cellular and broadband monitoring usually costs more than a landline option because of added features. Customers that choose cellular or broadband monitoring will receive interactive control of their alarm system. These features allow customers to use a smartphone or computer to arm/disarm their system, receive event notifications, and more. When customers order a monitoring  cost solution from Protect America, they also receive a FREE wireless home security system. All the customer is required to pay is the monthly monitoring rate. Many home security companies require customers buy their own equipment or lease it from the company for additional fees. Protect America customers own their equipment and receive it for free!


List of Home Security Companies Monitoring Rates

Go to to learn more about Protect America’s monthly monitoring rates. Home security monitoring from Protect America starts at $19.99 a month.

ADT Monthly Monitoring Rates

If you want, check out ADT’s website and speak to a representative to learn more about ADT’s monitoring rates.

Protection 1 Monthly Monitoring Rates

Protection 1 can answer your question regarding their monthly monitoring rates.

Vivant Monthly Monitoring Rates

Vivant, like many home security companies, doesn’t make their rates widely available without talking to them. You can find Protect America’s lowest monthly rate above.

FrontPoint Monthly Monitoring Rates

If you really, really have to (you shouldn’t), go to FrontPoint’s website to learn more about their company.